Thursday, April 8, 2010

Penang Trip: Day 2

Woke up at 9.30am today and continued lazing on the bed while waiting for my turn to shower. Finally at about 11am, we drove to Kek Lok Si. As usual, we overshot and ended up at some private property!

View from the weird private property

We can see Kek Lok Si from here :s

Made a u-turn and drove back down. Then, we drove all the way up to Kek Lok Si. Explored the area and took the Inclined Lift down to the lower portion of the temple. There, we walked around before taking the lift back up. Nothing interesting here...

Cute Statues

View from the top of Kek Lok Si

Side View

Old Guan Yin Image

The new (not that new) Bronze Guan Yin

KW and I

Return Ticket for Inclined Lift (adult) - RM 4.00

People waiting...

Going down...

Looking to the right...

Buddha Images

A Temple Entrance

Pagoda Entrance

Temple in the Pagoda

My friends miss me xD

View from the Pagoda

Going back to the Inclined Lift

After that, we drove back to the area before Bukit Bendera. We wanted to eat the rojak there but the stalls weren't open yet. So, we decided to have lunch at a coffee shop nearby. Food wasn't that impressive either...

Pusat Makanan Lye Lye


Fried Rice

Gon Lou Mien

Pan Mee

Choi Gou (Vege Dumpling)

Chee Cheong Fun

Iced Coffee

That place was FULL of flies! I accidentally walked in front of a stall and about 200 flies started flying up in the air!! Throughout our meal, the flies kept flying towards us and our food! DISGUSTING and UNHYGIENIC!

When we were done, we walked out of the restaurant and saw some of the stalls open. Unfortunately, the rojak stall we were looking for wasn't there. So we skipped that and started our hunt for Tau Sa Paeng.

We drove to Ghee Hiang where my friends bought some stuff. Then, we drove on to Him Heang where we all bought Tau Sa Paeng and some Preserved Nutmeg.

Ghee Hiang, Macalister Road

Him Heang, Jalan Burma

Tau Sar Paeng

Preserved Nutmeg

After we bought the biscuits, we drove towards Chow Rasta to find a chendol stall. We then spotted one at Lebuh Keng Kwee. And turns out, it is one of the famous chendol places in Penang.

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol


Curry Puff


The chendol wasn't as nice as the one in Melacca though. The IKEA curry puff still beats the curry puff here. And, the rojak was also disappointing...

Another branch in Komtar Walk

After we were done, we decided to go back and check if the rojak stall opened. To our disappointment, it either hasn't opened or not opening for today. Since we were already here, we bought "Mah Chi" and some Sugar Cane juice.

Mah Chi Stall

Mah Chi (large) - RM 2.50

Sugar Cane Stall

Sugar Cane Juice

Made our way back to the hotel and visited the pool! Took 4 dry towels and put all our stuff one a table. Then, we jumped into the pool! I haven't been in a pool for quite a long time. This was fun :D


Weird-looking plant arrangement

Towel Shack



Baby Pool

AC and ZS posing?

Pool and Jacuzzi (far end)

Looking up...

Later, we went to the Jacuzzi for about twenty minutes. When the relaxing bubble therapy started to feel annoying, we left the place and dipped ourselves into the pool again. Finally at 5.30pm, we got out and went back to our room.

There, we took turns to shower and started using our laptops. Since we had time, we decided to have an hour of "computer time". At 8pm, we left our hotel and drove to Queensbay Mall. When we got there, all of us agreed to go back to Sg Pinang for dinner.

Sg Pinang Food Court

Watermelon Juice - Average :|

Iced Chrysanthemum - Okay :|

Assam Laksa - Good :)

Popiah - Good :)

Egg Tarts - Okay :|

Prawn in Fu Chuk - Good :)

Lo Bak Gou (Radish Cake) - Average :|

Chinese Pancake - Average :|

Prawn Noodles - Interesting 0.O

Sizzling Noodles - Good :)

Char Kuey Teow - Great :D

Fruit Rojak with Cuttlefish - Bad :(

Appam Telur - Okay :|

Chicken Satay - Good :)

So, we drove to Sg Pinang Food Court. Each of us paid RM10 into a "fund". And with that, we used to buy all kinds of food from various stalls! Eating this way was interesting and FUN but it also gave us a stomachache and made KW very very uncomfortable for about an hour...

After dinner, we drove to Queensbay Mall. It was 10.30pm when we arrived. At that time, most of the shops were already closed. We then walked around looking for GSC. Half an hour later, we arrived at GSC.

AC posing in front of GSC

Picture looks better with him covered right? :P

There, we collected our tickets (Date Night, 11.55pm) and watched some trailers. Stayed there for another 10 minutes before walking back to Starbucks. When we made our way there, it was already closed.

Date Night Tickets - RM 8.00 (each)

The mall was badly lit and ALL SHOPS (except GSC) were closed! It wasn't quiet because there were some construction going on. Since there wasn't much we could do, we decided to walk back to GSC...

There, we waited another 15 minutes before we could go into the cinema hall. We waited another 20 minutes before our movie started...

Date Night

There were quite a few memorable quotes and funny parts in the movie. The storyline in "Date Night" was quite interesting but somehow predictable. Many people would definitely say this is "Hao Siao" (fake, doesn't make sense).

Anyway, it ended at about 1.30am and by the time we got back, it was already about 2.15am. Back at our room, I started blogging. Finally at about 3.45am, I went to bed...

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