Thursday, April 22, 2010

Car Trouble. DAMN!

Woke up at 10am today and edited some of my blog posts. Stopped at about 10.50am and quickly took my shower. Before leaving, I ate a bar of KitKat for breakfast. Arrived in class with my friends.

Since we arrived before the lecturer, I guess we aren't considered late. Anyway, he talked for about an hour before the class ended. Then, AQ dropped AC and I at our cars. AC and KW went to Gardens for a movie.

Meanwhile, I drove to Sunway to pick JW. We were supposed to join AC and KW later. On the way there, I noticed my car making noises. Then, I realized that the temperature getting higher and higher.

By the time I got to JW's hostel, it was beyond the meter! So, I stopped the car and poured some water into the radiator. After about 20 minutes, I started the car and it was back to normal. Temperature was at medium. So we continued the journey.

Right after we got onto the federal highway, the temperature flew beyond the meter again. So, I quickly got out from the nearest exit and stopped by a little lane. Checked the radiator but the water was still full. I couldn't start the car too.

Since I obviously could not handle this by myself, I decided to call Dad. Forced JW to take a cab back while I waited for dad. I didn't want such an introduction so she reluctantly left. Another 15 minutes later, dad arrived.

Wasted movie tickets :(

He couldn't do much too. Fortunately, the car cooled down enough to be able to "start" again. Dad then drove it over to his friend's shop while I drove his Persona and tailed him. We then arrived 10 minutes later.

Ching Seong Motors

Waited for his friend to come out before following him into the workshop. Since they needed time to find the cause of the problem, we left the Rav4 there and dad dropped me back home...

Since I hadn't ate lunch, I finished the rest of the Tiramisu ice cream. Later, I had some fried rice too. Then, I came upstairs to watch the latest episode of Glee. Halfway through, mum called and asked if I wanted to go for tea. I agreed.

Five minutes later, she stopped in front of our house. M and her friends were in the car. I quickly jumped in and we drove to BV. Then, all of us went over to BV2 and had tea at San Terri Cottage.

San Terri Cottage, BV II

I ordered a Bacon Salad (Double Portion of Fried Chicken Bacon on Bed of Crisp Salad) which didn't turn out that nice. The bacon was SOFT and the salad was plain. Boo! Mum ordered 4 cakes which were just average.

Bacon Salad - RM 12.50

Black Magic Slice - RM 7.50

Green Tea Slice - RM 6.50

Opera Slice - RM 7.00

Chantily Slice - RM 6.50

Besides that, I also ordered a Ice Blended Marochino (Double Shot of Espresso with Rich Hot Coco & Thin Layer of Foam). I tried Mum's Ice Blended Cappuccino too. Both these drinks were too plain with minimal amounts of coffee. Thumbs down!

Ice Blended Marochino - RM 12.50

Ice Blended Classic Cappuccino - RM 9.50

At about 6.30pm, we left and dropped all of M's friends back home. By the time I got back, it was almost 7pm. Since I wasn't hungry, I played AoM for a while. Then at about 7.30pm, I drove M and her friends to tuition.

Once back, I had my dinner. Right after that, I came upstairs to shower. Then, E and I went over to 97 as requested by mum. We were suppose to visit our grandparents but GG was already asleep.

Everyone else was sitting downstairs watching American Idol so I joined them. Stayed there for one boring hour (maybe more) before going back home at 10.30pm. Then, I started uploading pictures while blogging.

It's 11.30pm now and I shall end my post for today. Though today I had a bad experience, tomorrow definitely will be a better one. Think positive :)


  1. the bacon salad looks really good >.<

  2. Hahaha. That's the power of photography. Make things "look" good. Have you ever had bacon that isn't crunchy? This one is... :(


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