Saturday, April 10, 2010

At Home :)

Woke up at 12pm and started uploading pictures till it was lunch time. At 1pm, dad brought us to Section17 for lunch. Went to a coffee shop and ordered Ching Tong Noodles. It was tasteless.

Ching Tong Noodles - RM 4.00

After lunch, we went back home. There, I watched another episode of "Dung Duk Siew" while uploading the pictures from my Penang trip. Finally at 6pm, I finished the post for day two and day three.

Earlier, E and I drove to Lucky Garden to meet up with Mum and Dad. There, we ordered two slices of cake which came with a free drink (coffee or tea). It wasn't that great though...

Tiramisu and Flat White - RM 6.50

Chocolate Indulgence and Long Black - RM 6.50

Anyway, we were all waiting for M to get ready after she came back from basketball practice. Finally at 8pm, we drove out to Times Square for dinner.

We ended up at Johnny's. The service there was great. Anyway, I ordered a Belacan Fried Rice which turned out to be not spicy and yet delicious.

Pineapple Fried Rice - RM 5.95

Belacan Fried Rice - RM 5.95

Water Chestnut - RM 2.90

After dinner, we waited for mum to come out of Borders before we made our way home. Back home, I saw something stupid near my house. An IDIOT PARKER! Some people don't know how to use their brains. Sigh...

The Idiot's Car

Back home, I wrote this post and uploaded some pictures. Then at 11pm, we watched 72 Tenants of Prosperity in the living room.

Came up and used the laptop for a short while. It's already almost 1am. Goodnight...

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