Saturday, April 17, 2010


Mum woke me up at 7.50am. I waited for my turn to use the bathroom. Finally at 8.30am, everyone was ready. We then drove 2 cars to Sri Petaling. Dad brought us to Clan Restaurant for dim sum.

Clan Restaurant

The shop here specializes in "Gai Wor Pau" which is something like "Lor Mai Gai" wrapped in a "pau". It wasn't that great. Overall, the food was just average. Even so, my stomach was very bloated after the meal.

"Gai Wor Pau"

Fried Prawn Wanton

Chee Cheong Fun (Char Siew)

It was only 10.10am when we got home. Watched "Ghost of Girlfriends Past" while waiting for dad to bring us out for lunch. The movie was quite interesting. Predictable yet touching ending...

At about 1pm, dad drove us to Damansara Utama where we had lunch at "Toast and Coffee". I ordered Chicken Chop, Kaya Butter Toast, and Iced Nescafe. The nescafe was full of ice but the toast was good. Chicken chop wasn't good though...

Iced Nescafe - RM 2.10

Kaya Butter Toast - RM 2.50

Chicken Chop - RM 8.90

My stomach was feeling weird after I drank the coffee. So, I only ate half of the chicken chop and gave the rest to dad. Also, they ran out of mixed vegetables that they serve with the chicken chop. The waitress promised to give me some salad instead but that NEVER came...

Hailam Bread from GIANT!!

While waiting for the others to finish their lunch, I looked up and realized the buy bread from Giant. What a disappointment! I always thought it was homemade or some classic brand. Sigh...

Got back home and realized our house has been "invaded". Wicked Witch of the West came in and did her "Magic". Went back to my room and used the laptop till it was 6pm. Helped LC dismantle my bike and loaded it into his car.

Came back upstairs to shower and continued using the laptop while waiting for M to get ready. Finally at 7.40pm, dad dropped us off at "Chef Low" for our C family dinner.

There wasn't much food that interest me there. All I ate was the "Soury Thai Chicken" and "Fried Long Beans". Boring dinner. Thankfully, mum brought the "kids" to BV for dessert at Chocolate.

All six of us ordered a drink. As usual, I ordered the Miss Coco Frappe. For some reason, the texture isn't as good anymore. I got a feeling that it's because the bartender that's on duty during the day is much better than the one at night. Oh well...

Miss Coco Frappe - RM 12.90

Got back home by 10.30pm. I then started uploading pictures and blogging. M and J are complaining about me "eating up" the speed because I upload pictures. Sorry, but I can't do much. Too bad :P

It's 11.15pm now and I finally uploaded all 9 pictures. Goodbye folks...


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