Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birhtday AL

Checked the time today and got a SHOCK! It was already 11.26am! I quickly called AC and asked him where they were. They were already parking! So, I washed up, got dressed, and drove to Gardens.

Got there at 11.45am. Walked around till it was 12pm. Went to RedBox and still had to wait for AC and the rest. They went to buy cake and some cupcakes. Finally at 12.10pm, we met up with MY and went into the room.

AL was alone in the room. The RB staff intercepted the song and played "Happy Birthday". That was when all 7 of us walked in with his cake and wished him "Happy Birthday" and sang him the Birthday song.

AL's Birthday Cake from Cake Sense

After that, we were given a bigger room. Had some cake and ordered a food and drink. I had the Beef Bolognaise and Iced Milk Tea. The stuff here was just okay. The computer interface here was friendlier than the one in Sunway Pyramid though...

Iced Milk Tea

Beef Bolognaise

Complimentary Jug of Sprite

At 3pm, we weren't allowed to sing anymore. Then, we started taking group pictures. It was a fun 15 minutes. Later, we continued hanging out in Gardens for another 15 minutes...

Finally at 3.30pm, we went our separate ways. I drove home. Sat in the living room for a while before coming upstairs to watch "Up in the Air" on my laptop. The movie was kinda boring but it had a good message.

My phone resting nicely on the table :D

Later, I went down for some water before coming up to write this post. Chatted with WM for a while. At 7.30pm, I went downstairs for dinner. Later, I came back up to shower.

Used the laptop till it was 10.30pm. Then, I went down to watch Desperate Housewives. The Astro Reception was TERRIBLE! Couldn't watch a thing. So, I had to watch the "normal" TV. No choice but to watch in black and white with no sound :(

Anyway, I came upstairs at 11.30pm. It's 11.45pm now and I'll end this post here. Night...

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