Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Penang Trip: Day 1

Woke up at 7am and I went downstairs for breakfast. Quickly took a shower and started getting ready for the trip. Left the house at 7.50am and I drove to ZS's house. It was smooth all the way to APIIT but the road to Puchong was jammed!!

Terrible crawl on the way to Puchong

Reached ZS's house at 8.30am and waited for AC to arrive. Five minutes later, ZS came out and we loaded our things into AC's car. ZS set up his dad's GPS and then, the three of us drove off to pick KW.

GPS Module (Gophers)

GPS Antenna

After that, we made our way to the NSE. Before that, there was a small jam at Jalan Mahameru so I took a picture of the cause. There was this guy trying to divert traffic but I captured the picture and it turned out to be something HILARIOUS!!

Dancing Uncle :D

After the jam, we continued our journey towards Ipoh. It was fun talking to each other in the car and occasionally throwing some insults at each other.

Our Driver

Groupie :)

We were supposed to go into Ipoh and have Dim Sum at the famous Foh San for lunch. But due to ADRIAN'S MISTAKE, we missed the toll!! If we were to make a u-turn, it would take us another 90 minutes to reach Ipoh.

So, we ditched the idea and drove on to Kuala Kangsar for lunch at a simple coffee shop. There, I had iced barley and some kuey teow.

Iced Barley - RM 1.00

Kuey Teow with some Fried Ingredients - RM 2.50

After lunch, we drove back to the highway and continued our journey. Fell asleep for about half an hour. Before we crossed the bridge, everyone was already wide awake. And once we got on, we were smiling and cheering :D

On the Penang Bridge

In the middle...

Going down...

The first stop was our hotel, Flamingo (formerly known as Crown Jewel) which is located at Tanjung Bungah. We arrived at 3pm. The check-in was a quick one and we went into our rooms immediately.

On the way to our hotel...

Arrived at the lobby...

Flamingo, Penang

Flamingo Theque @ Lobby



Band Area

Foosball Table



AC and I took about 15 minutes taking pictures of almost every corner of the room. Thank goodness we had two patient friends :D

Room 1014

Room entrance

Coffee area and Closet

The two queen-sized beds


Hotel Folder

Two Chairs and a Coffee Table

the Wash Area

Soap, Shampoo and Cotton Buds

Shower and WC

Balcony (Looking Left)

Balcony (Looking Right)

Balcony (Looking Down)

Balcony (Looking Across)

After we settled everything, it was already close to 4pm. All of us then used our laptops to surf the net. At 5pm, we left the room and went out to the common open balcony to take some pictures.

Left Side View

Right Side View

Center View

Looking D

Picture time!!

Me, AC, and ZS

AC, ZS and KW

Groupie :)

Sweep Panorama (I was in the way :P)

ZS Posing!

When we were done, we drove towards Batu Feringgi and opened our eyes for chendol. On the way, we passed by Hard Rock Hotel and decided to pay it a visit. Went down and took some pictures.

Hard Rock Hotel, Penang

King of Pop on his Throne

ZS and I posing with The KING of Pop

Giant Guitar

ZS with the Guitar

After that, we drove on towards Bayan Lepas. The road was so narrow and windy! And the only thing we could see were trees, trees and MORE trees! About 90 minutes later, we finally got back to town!

GPS switched to Night Mode

Then, we drove to Gurney Drive for dinner. Parked at Gurney Plaza and walked over to the group of hawkers stalls. Char Kuey Teow and Rojak here wasn't good at all. Our Ais Kacang and Chendol were still okay.

Fruit and Cuttlefish Rojak

Char Kuey Teow

Assam Laksa

Claypot Noodles


Ais Kacang

Vegeterian Noodles (AC got duped!)

Tau Foo Fa

After dinner, we went to "600cc" in Gurney Plaza for some milk tea. Though the coffee wasn't strong, I still enjoyed the drink. For the price we were paying, this is already very good!

Bubble Milk Tea - RM 2.50 (each)

The next stop was Kek Lok Si. We got there at about 9.30pm and it was DARK. I told AC that nobody goes at night but he insisted that the Lights at NIGHT are NICE! So we drove all the way up until it was PITCH DARK.

We quickly drove back down and went straight back to the hotel. All of us then took turns to shower. We then used our laptops till 1am and started playing cards. loser drank beer.

Playing Cards...

Finally at 3am, all of us decided to call it a day and go to bed...

Click here to read AC's post for the first day of our Penang Trip.

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