Friday, April 9, 2010

Back Home

We arrived at ZS's house in Puchong at about 9.20pm. That marked the end of our Penang Trip. ZS stashed his stuff in his house and hopped on to my car. AC and KW drove back in one car while I dropped ZS at IOI Mall.

Then, I drove myself home. At 9.50pm, I finally reached home. Unpacked my stuff and went to take a shower. Mmmm, home sweet home...

Not long after that, I hopped back into the car. This time, dad brought mum and I to Syed. There, I had some Chicken Satay, Roti Planta, and a cup of Teh O Limau Ais. Food was good.

Roti Planta - RM 2.00

Teh Limau Ais - RM 1.80

Chicken Satay - RM 6.00

Then at 11.30pm, dad paid the bill and came back home. Came up to my room and finalized my post for the first day in Penang with my friends.

After that, I wrote this post and continued using the laptop. It's almost 1am now. Goodnight...

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