Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2nd Bloggaversary!! :D

Woke up at 9.30am again as usual. This time, I had some pastry for breakfast. Then, I showered, got dressed and drove on to APIIT. Parked my car and hopped into the shuttle van. Then, I walked to ENT3...

Sat in the class for an hour or so listening to the lecturer. SDP (Software Development Project) is the only subject in our diploma that is 100% assignment. There will be no exams. Therefore, we will spend the whole 14 weeks working on this assignment.

Class ended early so we were able to go out for lunch. And today, ZS's brother, ZY came along with us. We drove to Good Tea and had lunch there. I ordered Iced Coffee and a plate of "Wad Dan Hor".

Wad Dan Hor - RM 4.50

My lunch was quite a satisfying one. And throughout the lunch, we made fun of each other. This was our way to welcome our new lunch buddy. :P

After lunch, we drove to the parking area. There were at least 20 people there! So, I dropped my friends off and went back to park my car. At least they weren't late. I then waited in the bus stop for another 20 minutes before AC, AL, DY and I got to APIIT.

Sat in the class for 45 minutes (15 minutes late). It was kinda hard to understand though. I guess things will make more sense when we go to the lab. After that, we had 80 minutes before our next class.

We then camped at the same class room using our laptops and other mobile devices. Then at 3.45pm, we walked over to ENT3 for our last class of the day. The lecturer just gave us a crossword and we (ZS and I) finished it very quickly.

Since it was our first class, our lecturer ended it early. Walked to APIIT and took the shuttle van as usual. Once at my car, I said bye and drove off.

Back home, there wasn't any place to park. I wanted to park right in front of my house but I'd have to re-park when mum gets home. So, I called mum to check where she was. She then told me she was in Delicious with M and her friends.

When she asked if I wanted to come, I quickly agreed. Hung up and drove straight to BV. After parking, I walked over to join them. They actually were ready to go. Anyway, I ordered a Classic Chocolate Cake and finished it while they were chatting.

Classic Chocolate Cake - RM 12.90

All of them then went home while I walked to my car. Mum gave me RM10 to buy myself 2 cupcakes from Bisou for my 2nd Bloggaversary! Drove home and shared them with E.

Cupcakes from Bisou, BV

Morning After (Coffee frosting, Coffee cake) - RM 5.00

Love Me Tender (Peanut Butter frosting, Chocolate cake) - RM 5.00

Stayed downstairs watching TV for a while before coming up to use my laptop. At about 8pm, I took my shower and continued using my laptop till 9pm. Then, we went to pick J up from tuition.

After dropping her back home, mum, dad and I drove to Hokano in Damansara Utama. DGG and family along with SS and family were already there. GM came with them earlier too. The kitchen was already CLOSING!

So we quickly gave them their orders and started talking. It was a nice family time. Actually it was to celebrate YS's birthday which was on Monday. Anyway, we started eating when the food came.


Hokano Roll

Wagyu Beef ("Medium" cooked)

The Hokano roll and unagi wasn't that good. But, the Wagyu Beef was very nice. :D At about 10.30pm, DGJ paid the bill and all of us thanked him before going back home.

Once home, one of my sisters INVADED my room :p . She was watching Glee on my TV. Anyway, I continued writing this post after my other sisters came in too. Finally at about 11.15pm, the show ended and they left.

It's 11.30pm now. I'm gonna end the post here. Goodnight :D


  1. happy birthday to your blog! my blog also havent reached 2nd year.. haha =D

  2. Is that so? your name is like everywhere man. Can consider yourself famous leh! xD Anyway, thanks you :D


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