Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birhtday MM

Woke up at 10.30am and laid on bed for a while. Then at 11am, I took a shower and got dressed. Drove out to Sunway and picked JW. After she got in, we drove back to Mid Valley.

We had lunch at Pastis. Both of us ordered the set lunch. It comes with a main course, choice of ice cream or fruits, and choice of coffee or ice lemon tea. I ordered the Chicken Ham Penne in Pink Sauce with Chocolate Ice Cream and Ice Lemon Tea.

Set Lunch @ Pastis

Chicken Ham Penne in Pink Sauce (set) - RM 14.50

Lamb Pie (set) - RM 14.00

Ice Lemon Tea (from set)

Chocolate Ice Cream & Vanilla Ice Cream (from set)

Oreo Tiramisu - RM 6.45

The food was okay. Not that great actually. For dessert, we ordered the cake of the month, Oreo Tiramisu. This too wasn't that impressive. When we were done, we walked to GSC and collected our tickets.

Watched "It's Complicated" which was quite funny! Not really worth watching on the big screen though. When I told mum about it, they told me that the DVD was at home. ==

Anyway, we walked around after the movie. Then, we came up with the sudden plan to drive to IKEA. There, we walked around till 5.30pm. Decided to try out the Paddington's here.

Ice Cream from IKEA - RM 1.00 (each)

So we ordered the Tea Time set again. This time, we ordered the Mini Pancakes with Bananas and Strawberry Ice Cream. For the drink, we ordered a Flat White. All of that costs RM9.10...

Mini Pancakes with Bananas and Strawberry Ice Cream

Flat White (Original)

Flat White (Modified)

Flat White (Modified Again)

The set wasn't that nice but the pancakes here are much better than the MidValley outlet. After eating, we stayed there till about 6.30pm.

Walked back to IKEA and had a plate of 10 meatballs each. We also ordered a Daim Cake. After dinner, I received a message saying they will be celebrating MM's birthday at 9pm. So, we quickly went off.

Meatballs (10pcs) - RM 10.50

Daim Cake - RM 5.45

Before that, I went to get a Bed Table from IKEA. From the moment JW told me about it, I was already planning to get it. Since we were in IKEA, I decided to buy it. For some reason, JW decided to pay for it. THANKS :*

After that, I dropped her off at her hostel and made my way home. Then, I walked over to 97. We took the Haagen Dazs cake out and started singing the Birthday song.

Strawberry Flavoured Ice Cream Cake from Haagen Dazs

Later, we stayed on to chat for a while. MM opened some Champagne and made a mess because she shaken it too much and it ended up "popping" out! I drank 2 glasses and my my skin and face all red. :P

Glasses (only one) filled with Champagne

All over the table!

At about 10.40pm, we walked back home and I took a shower. Then, I started using the new "Bed Desk". It's really useful and comfortable. Everyone should have one! :P

Bed Desk - RM 25

Bed Desk in Action! :D

It's 12.30am now. I'll end this post here... Will go to bed as soon as the pictures gets uploaded. :)

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