Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday E

M woke me up at 9.30am and I started washing up. Drove her to Endah Parade for her training. Then, I drove back and started using the laptop. At 11.40am, I drove there again to pick her up.

By the time we got home, it was already 12.30pm. Waited for M to shower and get dressed before we drove out to BV for lunch. Mum brought us to Mizu. There, I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Set.

Chicken Teriyaki Set - RM 20.00

Mizu Maki - RM 35.00

After lunch, we went to MPH for a while and stayed there for about 20 minutes. Finally at about 3pm, we drove back home.

Back at home, I stayed downstairs to watch TV for about an hour. Then, I came upstairs and used the laptop for a while. Took a short nap before showering and getting ready for E's birthday.

Finally at 7.40pm, we drove to BV and had dinner at Fish and Co. SS and family came along. Ordered the Citrus Fantasy and "Fish & Chips". The Citrus Fantasy tasted kinda like cough mixture :( while the "Fish & Chips" was too oily.

Fish and Chips - RM 9.90

Citrus Fantasy - RM 6.90

Fried Calamari - RM 15.90

At about 9.30pm, we went home to have the cake cutting ceremony. PP and AC came over. At first, we told E she only had a cupcake. While we sang the Birthday song, C brought out the actual cake (from Haagen Dazs!!)

Cupcake from Bisou - RM 5.00

Mango Passion from Haagen Dazs - RM 130.40

I had two pieces of the Mango flavoured ice cream cake. Wasn't that bad actually. After that, C asked if I wanted to go cycling. For some reason, I wasn't lazy today and even agreed to join him. Probably was the alcohol. Alcohol = Isotonic Drink! :P

We circled BSC thrice and rode all the way up hill once. I'm actually surprised by strength. :D Good to know I haven't weakened that much...

We went back home at 10.30pm and we started chatting. At about 11pm, SS and family went home. Came up to upload some pictures and chatted a while. Then, I went to take a shower.

Had an argument with M because we both wanted to use the bathroom. As usual, I won. But then, dad gave me a few "words of wisdom". Anyway, siblings fight. That's the law of nature. Period.

It's 11.53pm now. I'm going to end this post here. Night...


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