Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Middle of the Week

Woke up at 9.30am again today and had cereal. As usual, took my shower and got dressed. Then, I drove off to TPM. Parked opposite Astro and waited for the van. There were MANY people there. Just as I predicted, the bus came and everyone hopped in.

Walked over to class and sat there for 2 hours listening to Mr Siva. After that, we got into my car and went to lunch. All of us went there to have lunch with MY and AL. Today, ZY joined us too.

There, I ordered Claypot Lou Shu Fan. It was quite a nice lunch. After we paid the bill, we drove back to TPM. Dropped some of them off before parking my car. Then, MY picked us up and dropped us at APIIT.

Claypot Lou Shu Fan - RM 6.00

We sat in class for the one-hour tutorial. Didn't learn much though. When class ended, we went to the front and used the powerpoints. Stayed there for about an hour before walking over to ENT3 for our next class.

The lecturer gave us 5 questions and asked us to discuss among ourselves. Half an hour before class ended, he asked us for our answers and discussed them. At about 6pm, we were dismissed.

Took the bus to the parking area and got into my car. The drive home was pretty smooth. Got home at about 6.30pm.

While waiting for my turn to use the bathroom, I played AoM. At about 7.30pm, everyone was ready. So we got into the Avanza and drove to the restaurant in Cheras. Met up with DGG and family for vegetarian dinner.

Before dinner, M and dad went to buy some slushies and "Ma Kiok". Soon after that, the food came. It was quite a nice dinner considering it was vegetarian. Curry "fish", butter "prawns". Haha :D

Strawberry and Mango Slushie - RM 3.30 (each)

Ma Kiok

Anyway, we went home at 9.30pm and only got home at 10pm because we stopped by 7Eleven to buy some stuff.

Back home, I finished the AoM campaign while waiting for pictures to be uploaded. Then, I chatted and facebooked for a while before I continued writing this post.

It's almost 12am now. I guess I'll end this post now. Goodnight people! :)

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