Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tiny Tuesday :)

Woke up at 9.30am and had cereal for breakfast. Showered, got dressed, then drove off to TPM. After parking, I went to the Shuttle Stop. There were at least 30 people waiting for the shuttle. Fortunately, a bus came and all of us hopped in.

Walked over to ENT3 for class as usual and was surprised to see a different lecturer. Our AI lecturer took leave so this lady came to replace him. She gave us some tutorial questions and discussed it with us. Then at 12.15pm, class ended.

We then went to DNL for lunch again. Just like last week, I took some vege and beancurd. But this time, the cashier charged me RM6!! What a rip off! I paid RM4.40 for last week's lunch. ARGH!!

Crappie Lunch from Deli Nasi Lemak - RM 6.00

As usual, we brought our food to class and gobbled it down. Since there was time before the next class, I played a game of AoM. Then at 1.45pm, class started. Sat there for about 2 hours before he allowed us to go home.

Since it was going to rain, ZS's mum sent us to the parking area. Then, I drove over to Sunway and picked JW. We were supposed to go to Snowflake but it was raining. So, we detoured and went into Sunway Pyramid instead.

First we went to Starbucks, but couldn't find a table with powerpoints. Then, we went to McD, and Burger King. All the powerpoints were taken. We walked towards Gloria Jeans but the second Starbucks outlet caught our eye. So, we went in.

JW ordered the new "Espresso and Cream Frappucino" while I turned our laptops on. Then, we started transferring movies to and from each other's laptop. Later, I helped her install Photoshop.

Espresso and Cream Frappucino (Grande) - RM 15.00

At about 6.15pm, I dropped her off at the hostel before driving home. Got stuck in a terrible jam. Only got home slightly after an hour. Back home, I ate some chicken with rice for dinner. Then, I came upstairs to shower.

Started blogging and chatting till 10.30pm. Then, I went downstairs to watch Desperate Housewives. Tuesday is my only "routined" day. Later, I came up and continued writing this post.

It's already 12.10am and I shall end this post now. Goodbye.

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