Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner Buffet at JOGOYA

Woke up at 7am today and quickly went to wash up and shower. Then, I drove down to 112 and met up with AM and YM. We drove to SNM to have breakfast there. I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik.

Roti Planta

After we were done, AM paid and we went to TPM. YM picked me up after I parked my car and sent AM and I to APIIT. Waited for AC to arrive before we went to class. Today's PSPD lecture was interesting!

2 hours later, we went to Pitstop for some snacks. Then, we went back to L3-1 for our MMA lecture. Another 2 hours later, we finally went out for lunch. Ended up going to Lucky. KW didn't join us because he went home...

Since we were going to have buffet dinner later, we decided to eat some bread instead. So, AC and I walked to King's and got myself a "cheese stick" and a "butter bun". Brought the buns to Lucky and ate it there.

Cheese Stick

After lunch, we went back to APIIT for class. The lecture was actually very important because she briefed us on how our assignment documentation should look like. But, not even half the class decided to come...

Since we still had time, we went to Bukit Jalil Stadium to check out the phone fair. Walked around for about half an hour. Then, we went back to TPM. We drove on to Shell to refuel our cars.

Finally, we went to MY's house and left for Starhill. We were stuck in the heavy "Friday Jam" for slightly less than 2 hours. Reached Starhill at 6.30pm and parked our cars. Before entering the parking lot, 2 security guards checked under our cars and in our car boots.

Stuck in the terrible Jam!

Even after we reserved a table, we had to wait a while before being brought into the buffet area. So our quest for food begun. Stayed there till 9.20pm exploring, eating, chatting and taking pictures.

Coconuts (nice and fresh)

Dragonfruits (my favorite)

Assorted food from the "Grill" counter. (chicken Satay was good!)

Assorted food from the "Malaysian" counter. (beef was nice)

Unagi Handrolls (nah, unagi was too tough)

Siu Mai from "Chinese" counter.

Mini dishes from the "Japanese" counter.

More Japanese food...

....Japanese food again...

...And again

Some hot food (gas stove below)

Assorted Mochi (japanese dessert)

Assorted Cakes (best is chocolate)

Red Wine (drank a few sips and didn't like it)

Soup in Bread (good)

Coffee (not that great)

Marshmallows covered in Chocolate!

Some puddings (transparent one tasted better)


Total bill - RM 473.57

Food wasn't that great. My favorite dish, "Soft Shell Crab" wasn't even served on the buffet table. Very disappointing. Cleanliness wasn't good too because we saw a COCKROACH!! The lady from the other table panicked and all of us laughed at her.

Service was poor because it was full house and understaffed. They didn't clear our plates until we told them to. Overall, it was a fun and exciting moment. We ate many stuff so the RM 78 is worth it.

Only downside was the hefty price tag. If you ask me to come for dinner next time, I won't come. The jam is too stressful for me. I'd rather come for buffet lunch when the traffic is smoother. Well, proably won't be coming back soon. Really need to save up first.

Many still getting ready to go for "Supper" session!

After we left, AC led me to the Chinese Assembly Hall. Then, I made my own way home. Went to shower and started chatting. Blogged till now (12.35am) but the pictures still isn't completely uploaded.

Going to sleep after this post is done. Night...

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