Monday, August 31, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Woke up at 11.30am and went to wash up. After getting ready, mum drove us to town. She wanted to bring us to "Colliseum Cafe" at first but it was impossible to find a parking space. So, we went back to Bangsar instead.

Ended up going to BSC and we went to Monte's for lunch. I ordered the Chicken Fillet Set which came with soup, coffee or tea, and dessert. Each person were also given a bun as an appetizer.

Monte's, BSC

Complimentary Buns

Chicken Fillet Set (RM 19.90)

The bun was okay and the chicken fillet was very nice! The soup was too plain but the coffee was good. When we were done, they served us our vanilla ice cream which was from the set. Mum paid up and we left.

Visited the "unity" exhibition for about 20 minutes before finally going home. Back home, I watched YH till about 7pm. Had dinner after that and came back upstairs to shower. I then started surfing blogs till about 9pm.

After that, I started blogging and went downstairs to take a break. Ended up taking a super long break. Came up only at 10.30pm to continue blogging. Gonna upload some pictures before ending this post. Bye...

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