Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Waste of Time

Woke up at 9am today and went to shower. I then drove to TPM but stopped by at McD to buy breakfast. Helped AC buy 2 hashbrowns and got myself a Sausage McMuffin for free. I then drove on to TPM.

Sausage McMuffin - RM 0.00

Since I was early, I decided to finish my burger in the car. After that, I walked alone to the lab since everyone was far from arriving. Went to the lab and waited for everyone to arrive. Once AC came, I passed him his breakfast.

Class started at 10.45am and ended 2 hours later. Today's class was interesting because we finally started programming. After class, we drove to Good Tea and had lunch there. I ordered "Claypot Chicken Rice" since I hadn't had it for a long time.

Claypot Chicken Rice - RM 4.50

After lunch, I went home to take my phone box and bought tickets for "Public Enemies" at 2.30pm. AC arrived first and went to collect the tickets. We then went to the Sony Ericsson Service Center to check the price to replace my keypad.

Public Enemies (Student) - RM 7 + RM 0.50

To my surprise, the keypad is not under warranty and to change it costs RM 80!! How ridiculous! We left the place and went to "I Love Yoo". We bought 3 sticks of "You Tiao" and split it in 2 bags.

Both of us then walked to the cinema and went in to watch our movie. Once it started, we took out our "you tiao" and finished it in no time. The show was way below our expectations. The storyline was as slow as a snail. AC and I even managed to fall asleep on separate occasions...

About 2 hours and 30 minutes later, our finally ended. The ending wasn't even interesting or nice. Totally not our type of movie. Anyway, we said bye and went back to our own home. I then went on using the laptop till 6pm. Showered and continued using the laptop till 7.15pm.

Next, I went downstairs to have dinner. Alternated between going downstairs to entertain guests and using the laptop. At 10.30pm, I decided to switch the desktops. Got into quite a mess and finally managed to change to a newer desktop. This sucks. Everything would be easier if we just bought a new desktop...

Started to blog till now (11.56pm) and I shall upload the pictures and go to bed. There's still many thing to fix with the desktop but I guess I'll leave it till tomorrow. Night...

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