Friday, August 21, 2009

Wasting Time

Woke up at 7.10am today and had burger for breakfast. Then, I went to shower and drove to TPM. Went to sit in AC's car while we waited for DY and AL. After that, we went to class. 2 hours later, our lecturer dismissed us.

Initially, AC and I were suppose to go to 1u to watch "Talentime". But, mum smsed me and asked me to pick M from school. So the plan was canceled. We just hung around APIIT till 12pm before leaving.

ZS and KW went home while AL and AC went to Sunway Pyramid with MY for lunch. I drove straight to SMKBB and waited for M to come out. Back home, I used the laptop for a short while before dad brought M and I out.

We went to MV and M went to her friend's birthday party. Dad and I then decided to have lunch at Italiannies. We ordered their lunch set which came with main course, a cup of soup and a drink.

I ordered Calamari Caesar Salad, Minestrone Soup, and Ice Lemon Tea. The bread they served (appetizer) was delicious. My salad was and drink was quite good too. I tasted dad's "penne bolognese" but did not like it. Minestrone soup was also one of the things I didn't like.

Complimentary Assorted Bread - RM 0.00

Calamari Caesar Salad, Minestrone Soup, and Ice Lemon Tea - RM 18.90

Penne Bolognese, Mushroom Soup, and Ice Lemon Tea - RM 19.90

Both of us talked for a while before asking for the bill. The total of RM 42.70 was actually reasonable considering they have good food and nice service. Plus, the shining sun help made my pictures look great!

We left the restaurant and went walking around the 3rd floor. At about 2.30pm, dad drove me home. I went inside and used the laptop till 7.30pm! Nothing interesting. Next, I went downstairs for dinner and came back up to shower.

Played MS till about 11pm. Stopped to update this blog. It's 11.43pm already. Probably go watch some TV before sleeping. Night...

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