Thursday, August 20, 2009


Alarm rang at 7am and I turned it off. Mum then woke me up at 8.30am!! I quickly showered and drove to TPM. I was 50 minutes late but luckily the lecturer didn't mind. I then rejoined the class and continued with the lesson.

After class, we went to KFC for lunch. I ordered a SetE (Chickeroni) and went to wait for my food. They delivered a plate of "cheesy wedges" and we thought it was free because nobody ordered it. Then, the waitress sent us another pack of nuggets.

I asked her what was that and she said my setC. Since I we already finished the wedges, I didn't bother to complain or change the order. Ate the nuggets and thankfully my stomach was content. Drove back to APIIT and went for lab session.

Miss Aida was admitted to the hospital since Monday so Mr Omer came to replace her. Class ended an hour later and we went for our CSA. Another 2 hours later, I class was over and I drove back home.

Ate some snacks before coming upstairs to play MS. Did some quests as I didn't feel like leveling. Stopped at 7.10pm and went to shower. Later, I had my dinner and came up to play MS again. Took a break to blog and continued playing MS till 1am...

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