Friday, August 7, 2009

Bad Behaviour

Woke up at 7am and quickly had breakfast and showered. Drove to TPM and reached there at 8.30am. I called AC and he was just about to bathe. I asked him why is he still not here, and he said CLASS WAS CANCELLED!!

I totally forgot about the class being canceled! I was thinking if I should go home and come back later. In the end, I decided to go into APIIT and use my laptop there. About half an hour later, WL and KW arrived.

Was so happy to see them here. At least I wasn't the only one who forgot bout the cancellation. KW watched me play COD4 for a while before we went up to PitStop. This time, it was my turn to watch him eat...

After he was done, we went down to our class. We were 20 minutes early and nobody was there. Used the laptop till the lecturer came at about 10.45am. Class then went on till 12.30pm. We then booked tickets to "G.I.Joe" at MidValley.

The seven (AC, ZS, AL, MY, DY, HX and I) of us then headed to MidValley with our own transport. Met each other at the Longan Drink shop. After some discussion, we decided to have lunch at Sushi King.

Since we already sat there, I found myself a Tempura Soba worth RM 10.90 and ordered it. Due to some confusion, I took another dish worth RM 13.90. Anyway, we quickly finished our lunch and went to collect our tickets.

A mistake - RM 13.90

Before going inside, we bought ice cream from McD. We then entered the cinema hall at 2.45pm. Thankfully, the show started the moment we stepped inside. Really happy we didn't miss anything.

G.I.Joe was an excellent movie with a good combination of story, technology and also action! Really really worth our RM7. When the credits were rolling, they played a remix version of "Boom Boom Pow". I really enjoyed it because of its "club" feel.

Finally left the hall and went to the toilet. After that, we walked around again for about 15 minutes before going home. Reached home at about 5pm and turned on the laptop. Facebooked for a while before starting to play MS.

Played for half an hour and went to shower. I then played MS for another 20 minutes before having my dinner. At 8pm, the "2xEXP" event started. I then played MS till the event was over (10pm).

By then, all the guests already went back home. It was quite disrespectful of me as 2 of my aunts had to come up and say "hi". Anyway, what's done is done. Stopped playing MS at 10.15pm and went downstairs for a while.

I then came up to facebook, blog and chat. It's 11.10am now and I'll just upload a pic and continue surfing the net. Bye...

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