Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Day

Woke up at 8am and waited for my turn to use the bathroom. We finally left the house at 9.30am for breakfast. Our whole family plus PP went to "New Eden Dim Sum City" in 2 cars. SS and K joined us there too.

Assorted Dim Sum

To my disappointment, the food here wasn't as good anymore. The bill came up to about RM90 because this time we paid for the tea. All of us went home in one car while dad went for his appointment.

Once we got back home, we went over to 97. Stayed there till about 1pm before we walked to Lucky Garden for lunch. First we went to "Syed", "Sa Marakech" and the shed. All of them didn't serve "roti" at the time.

We walked to "Mahbub" finally settled there. I ordered a Roti Planta and Teh Tarik as usual. After lunch, we walked to the sports shop in Lucky Garden. Stayed there for about half an hour while GTM looked at some tennis rackets.

Roti Planta

Teh Tarik

Reached home at about 3.30pm and watched some live badminton. The rest of them went out to shop for tennis rackets but I stayed home. Watched YH till it was 6.30pm and decided to take a shower.

We left our house at 7.20pm and went to pick M from her friend's house. Dad drove on to Gardens and we parked there. Went to "Tony Roma's", "Kim Gary", and finally "Oh Sushi". We waited for about 10 minutes to be seated.

Once seated, we noticed a cockroach and some filthy stuff behind our chair. The girls say they have lost their appetite. So, we walked off and decided to eat at "Manhattan Fish Market". I ordered a plate of "Fish and Chips" and plain water.

Fish and Chips (Dory) - RM 15.90

The fish was quite a big portion but it wasn't nice. Chips were also tasteless and bad. Besides that, the tartar sauce were very diluted too. Plus, the food here were too unreasonably priced. The "Fish and Chips" in "Fish and Co" was better and has better value for money...

After paying up, we went off and drove to TMC. Dad bought some milk and drove on to Baskin Robins. We got down and bought some ice cream. Total was RM 200.70 and mum paid for it. Waited for quite a while because the guy was kinda slow.

Back home, I loaded the fridge with ice cream. Came upstairs to chat and blog. It's 11pm now and I should be sleeping after I watch another episode of YH. Night...

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