Sunday, August 16, 2009


Woke up at 9.30am and was surprised to see that nobody went to BISDS except dad. Had a slice of carrot cake for breakfast. Then, I went on to use the laptop till 11am. I got ready and waited for the rest of them.

At about 11.30am, we went to Gardens for lunch. We all decided to eat at Fong Lye. MM and AC joined us later. I ordered a "Milk Tea in France Style" and "Taiwan Minced Meat Sauce Noodles". Besides that, I also ordered "Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken" and "Beef Soup with Pork Dumplings" to share among everyone.

Milk Tea in France Style

Taiwan Minced Meat Sauce Noodles

Taiwan Deep Fried Chicken

Beef Soup with Pork Dumplings

I did not like the milk tea at all! Still prefer the HK style which is 100 times better. The noodles just made the passing mark but luckily the deep fried chicken and dumpling were DELICIOUS! We stayed there and chat for a while before MM paid the bill and left the place.

Next stop was "Borders". M went there to buy some books. Later, we split up and went to the DiGi center while MM, AC and E went to Timberland. I activated my DiGi number at the center with the help of the staff.

Then, we walked over to "Guardian" and I bought some "Kit Kat" and a tub of "Uber-Men". After that, we went to "Goong Woh Tong" for "Guai Lin Gou". This time, I ordered one large cup and had it all to myself.

Packet of "Kit Kat"s

Uber-Men: Party Twister

Guai Lin Gou (large)- RM 9.00

Before going home, we went over to "Beard Papa". It was RM 3.80 for Vanilla/Chocolate and RM 4.20 for Black Sesame/Green Tea. Also, if we bought 6 and above, we get a 10% discount. So, we decided to order 3 Green Tea and 3 Chocolate puffs.

Assorted puffs - RM 21.60 (after 10% off)

Back home, M and I played COD4 together till the rain stopped. It was about 3.45pm and we went over to 112. Our grandparents just arrived in KL so we stayed there and chat for a while. At around 4.30pm, I came home to shower.

Later, I played MS with KW till about 7pm. Then, all of us went out for dinner at Muhibah (TTDI). GTA paid for the good dinner. By the time we reach home, DGG and family were already there.

Watched the BWF Men's Double (Final) till about 10.10pm. I came up and started downloading some songs from DigiMusic. Finally stopped at 11.30pm and played "Gateway" to prove a point. Completed the game and started blogging till now.

It's already 12.43am and I'm gonna upload the pictures before I can sleep. Night...

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