Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Too Much Free Time

Woke up at 8am today but went back to sleep. Woke up again 20 minutes later and went downstairs to eat cereal for breakfast. After that, I went to shower and used the laptop for a while before leaving for TPM.

Reached TPM at 10.10am but nobody arrived yet. Waited in the car for a while then AL came to pick me up. We went to park his car and walked over to AC. The 3 of us then went to the lab together.

Our lab class went on for 2 hours and we finally parted after that. ZS went out with his other friends, KW went home, DY and AL went to Klang, while AC and I drove to 1Utama. AC brought me to Old Klang Road and we went cutting through PJ.

Finally ended up at 1U after 20 over minutes. We parked at the new wing and went to "Fish and Co" for lunch. Service and food was good as usual. Obviously, both of us ordered "Fish and Chips". We quickly finished our lunch and walked towards the cinema.

Best Fish and Chips in Town - RM 9.90 (before tax)

After we collected the tickets, we went to "I Love Yoo" and bought 1 bag of "you tiao" and a "set b". Both of us then went into the cinema hall to watch Talentime. Ate our "you tiao" in the cinema while watching the movie.

Talentime (Wednesday) - RM 6.00

Rewatching this movie wasn't a bad idea. I had time to concentrate on the less important parts of the movie and also watch the movie from a different perspective. Was enjoying the music throughout the movie.

But, when watching it for the second time, only 2 drops of tears fell of my face. Somehow I didn't feel sad except for the part where Embun was asking Hafiz to go home. Movie ended at 3.50pm and we left the cinema.

As planned, our next destination was Starbucks. I bought a Venti "Java Chip Frap" and asked for it to be split into 2 tumblers. Each of us drank from one tumbler while using our laptops. Not long after that, we finished our drink and AC went to buy another Venti "Mocha Frap".

Venti Java Chip Frap (RM 14.20/2) - RM 7.10

Venti Mocha Frap (RM 12.10/2) - RM 6.05

We only left Starbucks and went home at 5.30pm. As I drove home, it started raining heavily. I got pretty dangerous because the rain really blurred my vision. Luckily, I drove slowly and got home safely.

Once I reached home, I went to take a hot shower. Used the laptop till about 7.30pm before going downstairs for dinner. After that, I came upstairs to read some articles till about 10pm. Started blogging till about 11pm while chatting with some friends.

Probably going to watch DIEA after I upload the pictures. Bye...

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