Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lenka Showcase @ 1U

Woke up at 8am and went to shower and get ready. I then drove to 1Utama at about 8.45am and reached there at 9.15am. Parked my car and went to the mall. Most of the shops were closed and there wasn't many people in the building.

While waiting for AC to arrive, I decided to walk around and look for the Lenka Showcase venue. I finally found it outside Armani Exchange, beside the taxi stand. Lenka and the band were rehearsing and sound-checking.

I then waited for AC who arrived at 9.45am. Both of us then went to the venue again to listen to their rehearsal. After about 20 minutes, they ended the rehearsal and went off. AC went to take a picture with Lenka but I didn't want to.

Lenka and the band rehearsing (casual wear)

From the rehearsal, we can see that Lenka is a poser and isn't really close to her band. They left the venue on different times. To me, I think the drummer was even hotter than Lenka! AC agreed too.

Since nothing was happening, we explored the nearby TM booths and asked around. FlyFm told us that it starts on 10am but nothing was happening. So, we decided to ask the TM staff. She then told us that 10pm to 3.30pm was the carnival where local bands come and sing. Lenka would only be here at 3.30pm.

After counting the hours, we concluded that we had 5 hours more to kill. Then, AC came out with the brilliant idea of watching a movie. We then walked to GSC and bought 2 tickets for "The Proposal".

The Proposal - RM 11

There was still time before the movie started. So, we went to McD and bought ourselves ice cream. After 5 minutes of walking, we suddenly saw "I Love Yoo". Therefore we went there and bought our breakfast.

McD Sundae - RM 1.05

SetB - RM 3.90

I ordered Set B (porridge and youtiao) while AC ordered Set A (soya milk and youtiao). After eating, we walked back to GSC and went inside and watched our movie. It was really a good choice as both of us laughed very hard at the start and managed to cry at the end...

2 hours later, the show was over and we went to the venue and checked things out. We saw the FlyFm Myvi troopers and went to collect the 4 Priority passes from them. After that, we went to the directory and tried to find a suitable place to have lunch.

4 Lenka Showcase Priority Passes

AC finally suggested "Fish and Co" so I tagged along. We got seated and ordered 2 plates of "Fish and Chips" and sky juice. The service here was REALLY good! 100 times better than the BV outlet.

Fish and Chips - RM 9.90

Sky Juice - RM 0.00

After eating, we sat in the restaurant drinking sky juice and chatting till 2.30pm. We then paid the bill and went to Movie Magic to look at CDs. Gave away 2 of the passes to some random stranger. At 3.20pm, we decided to walk over to the venue.

This time, there were much much more people hanging out at the area. With the priority passes, we could say bye to the public crowd and move forward to the area nearer to the stage. Even so, those with "media" passes were still in front of us.

Public Crowd

The mini-concert started with Ben and Fabes from FlyFm. They begun hosting and gave away a few CDs (Sony leftovers). After that, Aliff Aziz from Singapore came out and sung 2 songs. Ben and Fabes came out to give away CDs again.

Ben and Fabes

Next, Amy Mastura came out to sing 2 songs and also promote her album. Although her face is really old and she lip synced, I liked her friendly and fun personality. At about 4pm, she went to rest and the 2 DJs took over again.

They stalled time by giving away nearly 20 CDs because Lenka wasn't here yet. Finally, she made her appearance at about 4.30pm. She sang quite a few songs before ending the showcase with "The Show".


All the while, I was looking at Stella (drummer) instead of Lenka. The best moment was when she sang "The Show" and everyone started singing along. Was really fun singing it with her. My voice weren't that loud (I can't even hear my voice) but could hear AC singing loudly behind me.

Before they left, people shouted "encore" and so they performed "We Will Not Grow Old". After that, it was her autograph session. Only those with her CDs were allowed. Ignoring her, AC and I went to get pictures with Stella and the band.

Stella and I!!

Right after that, we decided to go home. We were all sweaty, hot, and tired! To my surprise, the parking was RM7!! RM 1 for the first 6 hours and RM 2 for the subsequent hour. Which means I spent about 9 hours here...

Next, I drove to KJ with directions from SS. I managed to find the "Pusat Video CT". Unfortunately, it was closed. Made my way back home and arrived at 6.30pm. Went to shower and only left the house for dinner at 7.48pm.

Pusat Video C.T

Mum drove the Avanza to pick MM up. Then, we went to Strawberry Fields again. This time, I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara Chicken and shared a Jumbo Watermelon Juice. The spaghetti sauce was really tasty!! Juice was nice too. Mum paid RM 75.75 and we left the place at 9pm.

Spaghetti Carbonara Chicken - RM 8.20

Jumbo Watermelon Juice - RM 7.50

Reached home at about 9.30pm and I started blogging. Since it was a long day, it took me 2 whole hours to upload pictures and write this post. Chatting and resting time not included. It's 12am already and I guess I have to go to bed. Night...

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