Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Really Satisfying Day

Woke up at 9am and used the laptop till 9.50am. Had some bread for breakfast and went to shower. Drove on to TPM and met AC in the car park. I thought we were the last to arrive but actually DY and AL were the last.

AC and I went to look for ZS and went for class. Our lecturer gave us some work as usual. We completed the work in an hour. Since we had time, we chatted and joked for the next hour. At 12.30pm, class was over.

AC and DY went off to meet their clients. Since there was only 3 of us left, we did not go to the gym. Instead, we went to the lab to buy tickets for HP6. Unfortunately, the online-payment system was down. So, we decided to buy the tickets there.

I drove ZS to MV while AL went to pick MY. ZS and I went to buy the tickets since the other 2 hadn't arrive. We paid RM 7 each for "Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince". After that, ZS and I went to McD and bought "Big N' Tasty" Set.

HP6 (Student Ticket) - RM 7.00

Big N' Tasty Set - RM 8.90

Later, AL and MY came to join us. After eating, ZS and I went to buy popcorn while MY and AL bought sweets. We then went into the cinema and watched the movie at 2.10pm. Overall, this movie was okay. It would probably be boring for those who did not read the book. Mostly because everything is "fast-forwarded".

At about 4.30pm, the movie ended. We walked around the mall for about half an hour before going back home. Parking cost me RM3 which means I spent about 4 hours here. By the time I reached home, It was already 5pm.

Used the laptop till 7pm and went to shower. Then, we had our dinner. As usual, DGG and SS's family came to visit GM. This time, C came along and brought his storyboard. He told me about how to do things and some other basic stuff.

At about 10.20pm, SS, C, K, C, mum and I went to Syed for supper. We ordered Cheese Naan and Papadam to share while I ordered Teh Tarik. While the others were chatting, C and I had our talk.

Papadam - RM 0.50

Teh Tarik - RM 1.50

Cheese Naan - RM 4.00

He gave me some ideas about the angles and how to do things. C also thought me some aspects of movies that I never thought about. I can conclude that I've learned quite a bit through him. Thanks C. This proves how useful it is to have cousins in different fields. Haha.

Although I haven't started this assignment, I'd say it is 5% completed, which comes from knowing how to do it! Probably would start writing down the main ideas by tonight or tomorrow. I WANT to be the BEST in class! Target Locked. "A+" here I come!!

While chatting, M suddenly called me and said there are 8 bees in the kitchen. She asked us to go home IMMEDIATELY! SS paid the bill and we went home. Everyone flooded to the kitchen and finally thought of the idea to turn off the kitchen lights so that the bees will fly elsewhere.

Ignoring that, I came upstairs and started blogging. It's 11.35pm and I'll probably stay up late today since I already drank tea. No point lying on the bed and not sleeping. All I have to say is "Good Luck" to my classmates who are taking BM exam tomorrow. Bye...

P.S. I just realized I was in Gardens this evening but forgot to bring my phone to repair! Damn!

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