Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Movie Mania

Woke up at 9.45am and took turns to wash up. We finally left the house at 10.30am and reached APIIT at 11.30am. Class was suppose to start at 10.45am. Damn, almost an hour late!! Luckily, the server was down and we did not miss anything.

After we arrived, the lecturer started her short lecture and ended the class at 12.45pm. We then went to MY's house and decided to buy 5 movie tickets for "On His Majesty's Secret Service". Waited for MY to get ready before leaving.

Tickets - RM 7.50 each

I arrived at Gardens by 1.40pm. Since the rest of them weren't there yet, I went to collect the tickets. After that, we went to McD and had our lunch since the show was going to start soon. Bought a McChicken set since I was on "saving" mode.

McChicken Set - RM 5.95

Before we went into the cinema, AC bought 2 McFlurries for us to share. I used my bag to help them smuggle it in! Our movie just started when we went inside. The movie was actually a good comedy. Quite non-sense at times though.

The movie ended at about 3.30pm and we went to the toilet. Next, we walked to the Nike shop to look for MY and AC. After that, I said bye to them and went back home. Finally got back home at around 4pm.

Unloaded all my dirty laundry and had some water. I then played MS till about 7.15pm. Took a few breaks in between to eat the yummy "Krispy Kreme" glazed donuts. Couldn't help but took a second donut...

Started to blog after I played MS. Went downstairs for dinner and came back up at 8.10pm. Played MS again till 9.30pm. Then, mum and I drove to 1u to watch "Talentime" with SS. It was a Yasmin Ahmad film.

Talentime - RM 6.00 each

It was a really touching story with a strong message. Only good movies can make me cry. This one made me cry the longest I have ever cried. Unfortunately, there won't be more of these from the director...

2 hours passed and the story was left kinda hanging. Nevertheless, it was a GREAT movie with many many famous people and funny characters in it. The starting made most of the people laugh alot!

To those interested, the only place you can catch this is at TGV 1Utama. And each ticket is only RM6. So, please go watch it. It's really good. Gonna end this post here and go look for the songs from the movie. Night...

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