Thursday, August 27, 2009


My alarm didn't ring but somehow I still got up. Looked at the time and it was 7am. Checked my alarm and found out that it was set to 7.45am!! Thanks to my biological clock, I woke up in time and wasn't late for class! Phew...

Washed up and had breakfast as usual. Then, I showered and drove on to college. Reached TPM and met up with AC. Both of us then walked to ENT3 for class. I liked today's class because it was about costs analysis.

2 hours later, our class ended and we went out for lunch. The 6 of us got into my Avanza and we decided to have lunch at "Uncle R". I ordered their Grilled BBQ Chicken and it was really nice because it had the grilled taste!

Grilled BBQ Chicken - RM 9.90

After lunch, we went back to APIIT for 3 hours of class. Finally after that, we all went back home. As it was still early and I had nothing to do, I decided to watch DIEA and YH. Showered at about 6pm and continued watching some drama series.

Just as we were going to have our dinner, GTM (uncle who just came back from Australia) called and asked me to go for Mamak with him. I agreed and brought E and M along too. Since we didn't have a car, we walked down, IN THE RAIN!!

GTM and I walked without an umbrella as it was the "Australian Way". Lol, it actually wasn't that bad. Cooling and relaxing. We went to SNM but they told us to wait as they wanted to give priority to the Muslims first (they haven't eaten since morning!).

Unfortunately, GTM didn't have a proper meal since 11 hours ago! So, we detoured to Devi's. There wasn't so much people here compared to SNM. I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik. After eating, we were checking out GTM's iPod Touch.

Roti Planta

GTM paid for the food and we went back home. I quickly went to shower and blogged. Had to blog at this time because we will be going over to 97 to see GTM again. Probably won't be blogging anymore today so, BYE!!

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