Thursday, August 6, 2009


Woke up at 7am today and had cereal for breakfast. I then went to shower and drove to TPM. Met up with DY and AC. Then, we waited till AL came before going to class. Reached class early and waited for the lecturer to come in.

2 hours later, we were dismissed. We drove 2 cars to Pizza Hut and ordered a 6 person set (1 regular and 1 large pizza with soup, garlic bread and drinks). Food tasted the same. AL ordered a personal pan for takeaway and wanted to change the order.

Chicken Soup

Garlic Bread

Hawaiian Chicken (Large)

Hawaiian Tuna (Regular)


The waiter said she already punched it and can't change it. AC and AL then went downstairs to ask the manager to change the order. After that, we wanted another refill although we already refilled once. The waitress said we could only refill once.

To prove her wrong, AC and ZS went downstairs to ask for ANOTHER refill! Moral of the story, "whatever the waitress can't do, we CAN!!" After eating, we went downstairs and paid the bill. It cost us RM 12.40 each.

We then drove back to APIIT for class. 3 hours later, class was over and I drove home. Used the laptop to play some games till 7pm. Showered and had my dinner. I haven't taken a picture of my home-cooked meals for a long time. But today's different because, we have YONG TAU FOO!!

Assorted Yong Tau Foo

Tasted just fine. The helper wrapped it and J fried them. After dinner, I came upstairs to watch Bleach 231. Then, I stayed downstairs for quite a while since there were many people there. Came upstairs at about 9.30pm and used the laptop till now.

It's already 12.42am and I haven't uploaded my pictures. Going to bed as soon as possible. BYE!!

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