Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Esther is a bad Orphan!

Woke up at 7.45am today but went back to sleep as the toilet was occupied. Had my turn to wash up at about 8am. After that, M and I went to SNM for breakfast. I ordered Roti Planta and Teh Tarik.

Due to some misunderstandings, the guy gave me Roti Plaster instead. It didn't taste as good as the Roti Planta though. Chatted for a little while before paying the RM 5.60 bill and went home. Dad took his stuff out and I drove the Persona to 97.

Roti Plaster - RM 1.80

Teh Tarik - RM 1.80

Since GG and PP weren't ready, I decided to go refuel the car. Drove back to 97 and my grandparents were already ready. Didn't expect them to get ready so fast. So anyway, I dropped them off at KL Sentral and headed for TPM.

To my surprise, I reached TPM 50 minutes earlier. I then went to the syndicate room to use my laptop. Thankfully, ZS was also there to accompany me. At 10.30am, we went to class. 2 hours later, class was over.

The bunch of us sat in class decided what to do next. AL suggested we go watch "Orphan" but I wasn't too keen about it. But since ZS who hates watching horror flicks wanted to watch it, I decided to tag along too.

So all of us drove to Gardens and I met up with AC. Both of us went to "I Love Yoo" and bought FIVE "you tiao" (one for everyone) and one set B (for AC). Next, we went to the GSC to collect the tickets.

Orphan (student price+ online purchase) - RM 7.50

After everyone was here, we went to McD for lunch. I ordered the Fillet-O-Fish Set which was quite good. When all of us were done, we went into the cinema hall. The movie just started when we went inside.

Fillet-o-fish Set (regular) - RM 5.95

Overall, it was a successful show because it really made us swear words like "B*tch" and "Stup*d" and some of us even wanted to punch her. The story started like a horror movie at first but towards the end, it was more of a thriller. Kinda similar to "Obsessed" if u ask me.

The movie ended at about 2 hours later. We then walked around before going home. Back home, mum and the girls were just leaving to watch "Talentime". I used the laptop till 6.30pm and took a nap.

Woke up at about 7.20pm to shower and have my dinner. Continued using the laptop till 8.50pm. Then, I drove the Avanza to 1u and picked M and her friends. Later, I dropped them at Devi's Corner and went back home.

Started surfing the web and chatting till 11pm. I then started blogging but got distracted because everyone were discussing about "Talentime" and I got involved too. Finally finished typing by 12.51am but pictures are still not uploaded...

Going to bed as soon as possible. Bye.

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