Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Woke up at 8.45am today and had plain bread for breakfast. After showering, I played 4 session of MC on MS before going offline. Left the house at 10am and arrived at TPM at 10.30am. Walked to class alone since everyone was late.

When I reached the classroom, only half the class was there and the lecturer was nowhere to be found. 15 minutes later, he finally arrived. As usual, he gave us questions and we copied our notes and handed it in.

Class ended at 12.30pm and we went to the gym. It was 12.50pm by the time we started working out. DY was in a hurry so we only were there for 45 minutes. Went to the sauna for 10 minutes and went to shower as usual.

Checked my phone after showering and saw a sms from dad. I called him and he ask me to pick the girls up if I could. So, I told everyone I'm not having lunch with them. AC dropped me at my car and I drove straight to SMKBB.

Reached home at about 3pm but didn't eat lunch because there wasn't enough for me. Called mum and asked her to buy some food for me. Meanwhile, I played MS and gained a level. Went downstairs for my lunch.

Mum bought chicken rice but I only finished half of it. Then, I went to pick AP up because GM requested AP to cut her hair. Dropped AP here and drove to Section 17. I wanted to get my haircut from the previous salon I went.

Found my way there and managed to park my car. Walked all the way there and realized it was closed. They did not state when their business hours. I couldn't do anything except go back home.

Once I reached home, mum and AP hopped in the car. I dropped AP back at 112 and drove to BV. Mum went to the supermarket while I went to get my haircut. They advertised for "15 minute" cut but the lady took longer than that. Perhaps what I requested was too complicated...

After I was done, I went to look for mum. Then, we walked to the Maxis shop at Jalan Telawi 3. Wanted to cancel my postpaid line but was told that we could only do it in "Maxis Centers" and this shop isn't one.

Since mum was still free, we went over to Alexis for cake. Both of us just shared a piece of Tiramisu and ordered plain water. The tiramisu here was 1 million times better than the one from "Spaghetti Grill".

Tiramisu - RM 17.25 (after tax)

For the tiramisu alone, we paid RM 17.25. We then walked back to BV and drove home. Back home, I used the laptop till about 7pm. Went to shower and had dinner after that. Continued using the laptop till 11.30am.

Due to some unknown reason, the dell had problems with it's wifi. Dad called his friend and I talked to him for about half an hour. Just as I predicted, the problem was still there in the end. Gave up and started blogging.

It's already 1.11am! I better upload the pictures and go to bed. Night...

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