Monday, August 3, 2009

a GREAT day

The alarm rang at 7am today and I kept snoozing it till 7.15am. I finally decided to wake up and went to shower. Had some snacks and drove off the TPM. Met AC and DY there and we walked to class.

This time, we weren't late. Sat through the 2 hour class on PERT Charts and had our weekly assignment meeting. At about 11.10am, we finally left the place and went to the gym. Worked out for about 1 hour before going to the bathroom.

We sat in the sauna for a while before going to shower. After that, we went to MY's house and waited for her. Then, we drove to YuYi for lunch. It was already 2.30pm when we reached there. Ordered some BKT and sat there till 3.30pm.

BKT Lunch

Paid our bill (RM 14 each) and went back home. By the time I reached home, it was about 4.20pm. Used the laptop to facebook and watch Bleach 230. After that, I went downstairs and talked to KK.

At about 6.30pm, SS, SS, and C came to our house. They were bringing GM to her post-surgery checkup and I decided to follow her. GM's appointment was 7pm and we reached there just in time to get a number. The number was 4038 when the current was only 4001!!

We waited for one hour and GM said she was cold. So, we borrowed a blanket from UMSC and covered her with that. About 15 minutes later, she said she needs to lie down as her leg hurts. We then asked if there were any empty beds available for her to rest on.

Managed to get a bed for her and she took a nap. The doctor finally came at 8.50am and did some simple stuff for only 15 minutes. All these cost us RM 250, how ridiculous!! I brought GM to the car as she said she was cold.

After that, we still had to wait 20 minutes before we could make our payment and collect the medication. That idiot receptionist was on YouTube and MySpace while working!! It got me so fired up!

Finally at 9.40pm, we reached home. I quickly went to have my dinner and came up to blog. It's 11pm now and I guess I'll only be sleeping in another hours time. Night...

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