Friday, February 26, 2010

CNY 2010: Day Thirteen

Woke up and realized it was 4.30am! Rolled on the bed for about an hour before getting a cup of water downstairs. Then, I went back to sleep and woke up at 11am.

Washed up and had some chocolate biscuits for breakfast. Later, I came back upstairs to listen to some songs with my headphones. Finally at about 1.15pm, mum brought E and I out for lunch.

We went to Mizu and I ordered the Tori Karaage Set and cold Ocha. The chicken wasn't that nice but the sides were good. When we were done, mum paid and we went to Ms Read to collect mum's member card.

Tori Karaage

Side dishes from set

Mizu Maki

Later, we drove to 112 and stayed for about three hours. We admired baby JT and talked to each other. By the time we went home, it was already 5.30pm.

Earlier, mum told me that J spent over RM100 last month and dad told her to terminate J's line immediately. And they are probably only going to give her back a simcard after two months. It's a fair punishment if you ask me, considering she only is allowed to spend RM30 a month.

Back home, I looked for my HP slippers and realized it wasn't there! Mum then told me she saw me bringing it out of the house on Wednesday. But when I reached DY's house that day, I couldn't find my slippers.

I thought I forgot to bring them that day but turns out, there is a high possibility that I accidentally left them on the floor outside my house, and drove off while leaving the slippers there.

And from there, someone probably STOLE it. I can't do much now. No point crying over spilled milk. Even so, I CURSE whoever that is wearing my white+red HP slippers! YOUR LEGS ARE GONNA BREAK! SUFFER!

Anyway, all of us then took turns to shower and got dressed for dinner. After that, we drove to GTA's house. There was a Fat One Luk Luk truck, satay booth, and lamb booth outside his house.

Fat One Luk Luk Truck


Lamb (not well cooked :( )

Eight houses along the street came out with the money and shared these stuff. Besides the food, they also hired 8 lions from the Hainan Association to come "visit" their houses.

Two lions visiting GTA's house

There was also supposed to be a performance on platforms. Unfortunately, it rained so they cancelled the performance. But, there was one more performance in store for all of us...

That was the personal display of fireworks. We stood a fair distance away and they lighted a small box of fireworks. It shot high up the sky! The beautiful display of lights lasted about 10 minutes.

People setting up the fireworks

Then, the lit up the BIG box. I was amazed by the loud sound as this set of explosions were 5 times louder than the previous box. This set of fireworks shot up WAY HIGHER up into the air but this only lasted about 3 minutes.

After that, the show was over and everyone went back to their host's house. Our family then went back to GTA's house and grabbed a little more food. We sat there talking to each other for quite some time.

Then at 10pm, we said goodbye and drove back home. I ate some biscuits and watched TV for a while. Later, I came up to write this post. At about 11pm, I went downstairs and some drama started.

Continued watching TV till about 12.30am. Then, I wrote the rest of this post till now. It's already 1.45am. Goodnight people...

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