Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Woke up at 7am and started my day with some music. Had breakfast while reading the newspapers before getting ready for college. Drove off at 8am and arrived just in time to be the last person to get on the shuttle van.

D was in the van too and he let me taste some of his "Monster Energy" drink from Australia. We got down at ENT3 and went to class. Miss Seetha came in and just let us do our own things. After class, I went to ask her about my assignment but she didn't really give any helpful criticisms.

Ignoring that, we went to an empty room and used our laptops till it was 10.20am. Then, we went to Deli Nasi Lemak and had our breakfast. As usual, I ordered Roti Planta and the others had Nasi Lemak.

Roti Planta - RM 1.50

We quickly finished our meal before walking to our next class. Sat through the 2 hour VB lesson and watched AC follow the lecturer. I couldn't try it out because I didn't have Microsoft Access.

When it was lunch time, we went over to Sri Petaling for a while. ZS, KW and I waited in the car while AC, AL and DY settled some stuff. Right after that, we went to Good Tea for lunch. I ordered Iced Coffee and Char Siew Rice.

Char Siew Rice - RM 3.80

Iced Coffee - RM 1.50

Lunch was quick and we went back to APIIT after that. Then, we went to another empty class and used our laptops. I managed to watch an episode of Glee before packing up and going for class at 4pm.

We sat in class for another 2 hours. The lecturer taught us about queues and repeated it again after the break. At 6pm, we took the bus and got off at the Astro Car Park. Then, I drove myself home.

Back at home, I used the laptop for a short while before taking my shower. And when I got out, I put on my contacts since I didn't wear it to college. Had dinner at about 8pm and came back upstairs to watch Glee.

Read a few pages from the books I borrowed but I didn't really do much. Haven't been writing my notes for two weeks now. That shows how low my self discipline is. Regardless of that, I still rewarded myself with some ICE CREAM!

Watched an episode of The Biggest Loser Asia with E before coming upstairs to write this post. Started chatting with a few friends while uploading pictures. It's already 11.40pm and I shall go to bed soon. Night...

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