Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trying New Things

Woke up at 9.30am and called 112. Nobody picked up but I still washed up and got dressed. Then, I called AM and she told me to go to 112 because the house phone was faulty. When I got there, I rang the door bell a couple of times but nobody came out.

After calling AM again, she told me that AP and KK were already in the hospital. So, I asked for directions to Assunta Hospital and drove myself there. Even though I wasn't very sure where it was, I managed to find it.

Went to the Maternity ward and saw a nurse pushing a baby out. I stopped the nurse to ask her where is room 3701 and she pointed the directions to me. AP, KK, SC and AM were inside the room when I got there.

SC then told me the baby just went out! He passed me but I didn't realize that was him! Anyway, his name is JTYW. I stayed for over an hour listening to their stories and also looked at the baby when he was brought back in again later.

At 12.20pm, I arrived back at home and decided to put on my contacts. Then, we went to Hartamas and tried out this restaurant called "B.Wings". It was actually a very small shop because they focus on takeaways and deliveries.

B.Wings @ Desa Sri Hartamas

The counter

We ordered a party combo and a set. Besides that, we also ordered a slush and a smoothie to try. The wings were quite good and the drinks was great even though it was quite expensive. About an hour later, we went off and drove to Assunta.

Party Combo 1 (12 wings + 2 can drinks + mash tots) - RM 29.90
*the 2 wings from the set was put into this basket too*

Mash Tots (from PC1 and MC4)

Fajita (from Meal Combo 4) - RM 8.70

Chocolate Banana Smoothie - RM 9.00

Strawberry Melon Slush - RM 8.00

When we arrived, CM and MS were there. Not long after that, WM and UJ arrived too. We spent about 40 minutes chatting and observing the newest addition of the family. On the way out, we saw KK and AP who were just going to visit AM.

Before we went home, we dropped mum off at Gardens. Dad then dropped J, E and I back home while he brought M out to buy some stationary. At home, I used the laptop till it was 5pm. Then, I went to pick mum up and got stuck in the jam.

Finally reached home at 5.45pm and continued using my laptop. Then at 6.20pm, I took off my contacts and went to shower. After I came out, all of us except GM and dad went to BSC for dinner.

Mum brought us to the Japanese restaurant in BSC called Kuriya. There wasn't any sets available so I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki and Tori Karaage. The Tori Karaage was delicious but the teriyaki was kinda disappointing.

Tori Karaage

Chicken Teriyaki

We sat there sipping our teas and playing with the iPod Touch for another 20 minutes before paying the bill. Then, we walked around and ended up at Tutti Frutti.

Tutti Frutti is a frozen yogurt stall located next to Times bookstore. They have 8 flavors of yogurt and many additional toppings. You can have as many toppings and yogurt you want because in the end, they weigh your cup and charge you RM5.30 per 100grams.

Tutti Frutti (Next to times, near to A Cut Above)

The four machines

Here is where you squeeze out some yogurt (mixing is allowed)

You can add your own toppings (we skipped that)

Then, you weigh it in (RM5.30 per 100 grams)

Plain Mango Yogurt (DELICIOUS) and Plain Grape Yogurt (yummy)

We made ourselves two cups of plain yogurt (Mango and Grape) because we'd rather pay for the yogurt than the toppings. And since it was a weekend, we get an RM2 discount for every 200 grams. Each cup weighted 215 grams so we paid RM 18.80 (after subtracting RM4) in total.

Then, we went over to M&J and waited till M did her check-up. We then stayed there till mum settled the bill. At 9.10pm, we came home and I started writing this post. Stopped in between to watch some TV and help dad configure something (Thanks AC).

I'm gonna end this post early because I'll be sending dad to KL Sentral later. Photos will be uploaded tomorrow because the speed is super slow right now. Goodbye and do enjoy the rest of the night! =)

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