Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Member Has Joined the Family!

Woke up at 10.30am today and had a pau for breakfast. SS and SS came to return the Avanza at about 11am. We talked for a while before I went upstairs to use the computer.

At 12.45pm, mum, dad and I went to pick the girls up from school. After that, we drove to Brickfields to pick E up. In the car, we started suggesting places for lunch. A super long journey later, we ended up at an alley in Jalan Bangsar.

Dad went through a dirty blue gate and into a dark room. Before going inside, I stared at it for at least 15 seconds wondering if I was dreaming! Dad then lead us to the cafeteria of the building (China Press).

Back entrance into the CP building

Passing by some rubbish

The entrance of the cafeteria

There weren't many people there and we were the only non-staff. The food here was edible but I guess that's the best you can get if you want a quick lunch. About half an hour later, we were done and dad brought us home.

Herbal Tea

Fried Rice

Fried Kuey Teow

Cantonese Fried Yin Yong

I read a few pages of "Teach Yourself C in 21 Days" and had some ice cream after that. Then, I started watching Glee. Two episodes later, I went downstairs to talk to KK. He told us that AM went to the hospital already and will be giving birth anytime soon.

When he went back home, I came upstairs and took my shower. After that, I watched another episode of Glee while waiting for everyone to get ready for dinner. At 7.30pm, we left the house and went to Wong Kok at SS2.

There were 16 of us at the restaurant and we were there for the birthday drink. I ordered a cheese rice and pork cutlet set which came with a drink and some fruits. We talked to our relatives till it was 9pm before we paid the bill and went to 105.


Blue Valley

Pork Cutlets with Baked Rice

M's Birthday Drink

All of us watched the music awards show from Genting on TV. Just before 11pm, we said goodbye and drove back home. Dad went to a petrol station and two banks to run some errands. By the time we got home, it was already 11.30pm.

I then watched the fourth episode of Glee till it was 12.10am. Started writing this post till now (12.52am) and I shall go to bed soon. That's all for today, good night...

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