Friday, January 29, 2010

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Was getting out of bed when I suddenly realized, it's the light in my room was brighter than usual. Immediately after that, I knew I was late! I overslept for an hour so I had to quickly wash up and drive off without breakfast.

Traffic was really slow on the way to college and I knew for sure than an accident had happened. For almost 2 years of driving, this was the second time the traffic was so bad. Continued driving on until I was under the bridge with the Maxxis advertisement.

The first thing I saw was two policemen diverting traffic to the left side. Then, I noticed a guy lying motionless in the middle of the road. About 15 feet away lies his motorcycle. There were other motorcyclist who stopped at the side and watched the drama like a movie.

I felt sorry for the victim and it was probably a hit-and-run because I didn't see any car stopped by the highway. Hopefully the person who hit the motorcyclist would go surrender soon or die of guilt.

By the time I reached the Maxis car park, it was already 8.40am. Went into the shuttle van but it only drove off when the van was full. By the time I got to class, it was already 9am. There was a quiz going on and it was too late to join in. So I just sat there quietly till the class ended.

After that, we went over to the main building for our lab class. All of us followed the instructions on the tutorial and created a file but none of us could run it. The lecturer spent the whole hour looking for a solution but still couldn't find it. So, the class ended without us learning much.

Class ended at 10.30am and our next class was only at 3.30pm. We went to Jojo's Little Kitchen at Kuchai Lama for an early lunch. I ordered the "Fried Pork Pan Mee" and it was quite delicious. Still prefer the traditional one though.

Fried Pork Pan Mee (Dry) - RM 6.00

When it was time to pay, I checked my wallet and realized I had only FORTY CENTS left! KW had to pay for me. After we paid, we drove to DY's rent house. There were only two chairs so the rest of us sat on the floor.

We played rummy, used our laptops, and someone even started a karaoke session. Though the house is only 5% furnished, we still enjoyed ourselves. Can't wait till everything goes into place so we can really crash at his place.

At 3pm, we made our way back to APIIT and went for our last lab class for the day. We spent an hour exploring the C codes for stacks and queues and I was satisfied after I managed to modify it and do what the tutorial wanted.

At 4.30pm, YCY dropped us at the car park and I drove home after saying bye to everyone. On the way home, traffic was heavier than usual again. Later, I found out that it was caused by another accident because I saw a tow-truck trying to tow a car.

Back home, I took off my contacts and went to shower. Then, I watched TV with mum downstairs for a short while before taking a nap.

M woke me up and told me to get up for dinner. Was very grumpy for no reason but I still managed to drive everyone out to PJ for dinner. It was actually some vegetarian restaurant that mum used to visit once a week when she was still working in the area.

The food was good and mum said the price was reasonable (RM116 for 5 dishes and 2 coconuts). But if you ask me, I'd rather have vege sandwich from Subway for dinner than paying so much for average tasting food.

Butter Prawns

Deep Fried String Mushrooms

Green Curry with Taufu

Fried Long Beans

By the time we got back home, it was already 9.30pm. I started using the computer till now (1.30am) and I shall go to bed soon. Gotta wake up at 9am tomorrow. Bye...

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