Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Productive, but not Academically...

Woke up at 9am today and used the laptop for half an hour. Then, I went downstairs for some cereal before coming upstairs to shower and put on my contacts. Left the house at 10.10am and was late for class.

Surprisingly, AC and AL were late too. We got into the shuttle van together and went to class. The lecturer just started his class so we didn't miss anything. 2 hours later, the class ended and we went to our cars.

I drove to Sunway Pyramid to meet JW for lunch. It was my first time going to Fullhouse and it was well decorated. The concept was quite smart too. Both of us ordered the set lunch which was quite worth it.

I ordered the Dory set and that made me very bloated! The fish was good and the mash potato was delicious too. A jug of ice lemon tea and some very yummy mushroom soup was served too. The only thing that I didn't like was the mini-cake that came with the set as it tasted funny.

Set Lunch 2 - RM 16.90

After we were done with lunch, I transferred some movies and series into JW's computer. She did give me some songs and movies too. Now both of us have stuff to watch if we ever get bored.

The moment the bill came, JW quickly paid the bill. It just feels so wrong when a girl pays for a guy! I was so embarrassed but she still insisted. So I guess I have to treat her lunch another time...

We walked around the mall talking while our food slowly digested. Sat at Starbucks for a drink and chilled for a while before moving to McD for ice cream. Paid for the cheap ice cream and felt so bad for the second time!

Then at 5pm, I dropped her off at Sunway College before driving back home. I was stuck in the jam for an hour but I managed to avoid feeling stress. All thanks to my lovely IPOD TOUCH! Blasted music from "Glee" into my ears which made me enjoy the slow crawl.

Back home, I showered and had dinner at 8pm. Watched an episode of Glee before I went downstairs. Just like any other Wednesday, DGG and family will come to visit. SS and SS came too, followed by KK and AP.

At 10.20pm, everyone left the house. Came upstairs to start blogging but got sidetracked as usual. It's already 11.52pm but I haven't studied for the test tomorrow. Gotta end this post now to study. Bye...

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