Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tired, Satisfied, Happy, and Upset (for a while)

Woke up at 8.30am and smsed AC to ask him to call me before he reached my house. Went back to bed and he smsed me at 9.30am saying that he was leaving his house now. So, I got up and took a shower.

At 9.50am, he picked me up and we went to Bangsar Village. We went to Theobrama's Chocolate Lounge for breakfast as planned. My pancakes were okay but weren't as nice compared to the last time I tried it.

AC's breakfast (Waffles + Tea) - RM 3.99

My Breakfast (Pancakes + Long Black) - RM 3.99

Both of us sat there till about 10.30am before we paid the bill and left. Then, we drove to DY's rental home. DY wasn't there yet but we saw the door wide open and a van was parked right outside.

We went inside and the two workers came to talk to us. They didn't even check if we rented the place before telling us what they have done and what will be done. While they did their work, AC and I surfed the net.

Moments later, the owners came to the house. They recognized AC so they started passing us some stuff and arranged certain things. Before they left, DY, HX, and DY's parents arrived.

After that, DY's parents and HX started cleaning the house while AC, DY and I went to the garden. We started with collecting the huge dead leaves scattered all over the garden. Then, we broke them into pieces before putting them in big rubbish bags.

By the time we were done, it was already over 1pm. Next, we took turns using the mattock (the Malay word for it is "cangkul").

This is hard to describe but the garden actually has steps. And nobody tended the garden for a very long time so now the steps became a hill! The stairs were literally buried in soil and roots.

So we used the mattock and tried to "dig up" the stairs. In an hour, we managed to dig up 2 steps. There is still one more step to dig up but we were too tired to continue. Even so, all of us were still very satisfied with what we had done.

All of us left the place at 2.50pm and AC had to drop me home. Everyone went out for lunch so I took a nap while waiting for my lunch to be "delivered". At about 3.20pm, dad and the rest came back with some Taiwanese noodles.

Went downstairs and gobbled down my lunch. It was quite good actually. After that, I stayed downstairs and watched Digi Music Top 20. Though they play almost the same songs every week, I still enjoy watching it.

Mum said she was happy because she achieved a certain number of sales this month. Since she was in the mood, I jokingly said "So you should buy me a fm-modulator for my iPod". And after explaining to her what it was, she wanted to bring me to buy it.

I told her to wait because I wanted to see what song was next on the chart. Each song got better and better. In the end, we only left home AFTER the programme! E came with us too because one of the objectives were to visit "Tutti Frutti".

Mum drove us to BSC and the first place we went was MacStudio. There was only one fm-modulator left and it costs RM259. Though it has a charger, I still don't really need it. Therefore, I told myself not to waste my parents money.

Just as we exit the store, I saw Hush Puppies! The store was just next to MacStudio and THE slippers were on sale! Went straight in to check it out and was convinced by mum to get 2 pairs. So in the end, mum paid RM 152.83 for both pairs of slippers! Thanks again, mum!

10% off for the first pair (White slippers, Purple soles),
and 20% off for the second pair (Black slippers, Red soles),

I bought another 2 pairs!
Nah, the soles are strapped with Velcro so I can switch them to my liking!

Next, we went to M&J and collected M's contacts. Mine weren't there yet so I will have to come again. Later, we went over to Tutti Frutti for some yogurt. I mixed mango and passion fruit together and mum paid RM 12.30 for it.

270 grams of Yogurt (Mango + Passion Fruit) - RM 12.30

The three of us sat there and enjoyed the yogurt for about 15 minutes. After that, we went over to Times Bookstore. E bought her friend a birthday present before we made our way home.

Once we got home, my (Yes, it is MINE!) Rav4 was nowhere to be found! J then confirmed that GG drove it out to buy 4D. I was kinda upset because of that. I think the fact that I had new slippers calmed me down a little.

Anyway, I realize it is silly to be angry over a car, but even so, I'm still angry. Either he apologizes, or I won't start a conversation with him for a few days. Yes, I admit I'm stingy and selfish but I am only human. Sorry to disappoint you (anyone that is judging me right now).

Went upstairs to use the laptop while waiting for my turn to shower. Then at 7.45pm, I drove E, J and mum to Seri Kembangan. We were suppose to meet M, EC and dad at Yoke Heng for dinner. But when we arrived, it was closed.

So after we parked the car, all of us went to this shop called "Foong Lian". They specialize in Claypot rice so we ordered two sets. Each set came with a soup and a plate of vege. Therefore, we had 2 bowls of claypot chicken rice, a bowl of cucumber soup, a bowl of pig stomach soup, two plates of vege, and some rice.

Iced White Coffee - RM 2.80

Old Cucumber Soup (from Set 1)

Pork Stomach Soup (from Set 3)

Yau Mak (one of the veges available for the sets)

Beansprouts (one of the veges available for the sets)

Claypot Chicken Rice (comes with every set)

The bill - RM 72.60

The food wasn't great but it made all of us so full! Mum paid the bill and all of us went home. Back home, I watched an episode of Heroes while uploading pictures. Started blogging and chatting till it was 1.20am.

Then, mum came in and talked to me about her success. Before she went out of my room, she said "I'm going to be the top agent of the year!". I said "Congratulations" but now I want to tell you something you already know, "You Create Your Own Universe!".

Anyway, it's already 1.55am. I should really go to bed now or I'll be super tired later. So, good night everyone...

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