Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 5

Another week starts. Woke up early today and had my breakfast. Used the laptop for about an hour before getting ready for uni. Left the house at 11.10am and got to the city by 12.10pm.

Went to Harvey Norman and spotted the phone I saw in the leaflet. Its a Nokia C1-00. Basic phone functions with no camera. But the reason I bought it was because it has dual-sim function and it was unlocked.

Nokia C1-00 Dual Sim - AUD 54.00

Later, I went to uni and bought my lunch at Subway. Ate half of the Footlong Meatball Sandwich and packed the other half.

Meatballs Sandwich - AUD 7.00

Met up with K and we exchanged some info. Chatted till about 2pm before I went for class. As usual, it was boring.

I was taking something from my bag when I realized I left my tutorial homework at home! So once class was over, I rushed to the library and did it again. It was hard to even look for a computer. By the time I sat down, there were only 40 minutes left. The starting was quite good but towards the end, I gave very short answers because I was already late for class.

Rushed to class and was 5 minutes late. The lecturer saw my short answers on the last page and decided to give me 1.5/2 marks. Sigh...

After the tutorial, I sat outside O Block and messed with my new phone. Suddenly I felt very hungry and decided to have my dinner then. By the time I finished, it was only 6pm.


It rained at it was quite cold. Went to the library and used the computer till it was 7pm. Went for the Security lecture till 8.45pm.

Later, I walked to the city with my hoodie on. It was cold and the winds were very chilly. Got on the bus and arrived home at about 9.30pm.

That's all for tonight. Bye...

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