Monday, March 21, 2011

Sore Throat

Woke up at 11am today and had cake for breakfast. Reboiled some spaghetti before packing it up for my dinner. Got ready and left the house at 1pm.

Got to class at 2.10pm. After it ended, I went to the library to print some stuff. Went for the Security tutorial at 4pm. It ended at 5pm and I went to the Guild Shop.

Its so hard to find small packs of Strepsils here. In the end, I bought "Soothers" which wasn't that effective.

Soothers - AUD2

Then, I went to the city and visited Coles. Was in there for about 45 minutes admiring their products and the loads of possible lunch choices. :D

At about 6.10pm, I went back to L block. Microwaved my spaghetti and ate it. Was really full after that.


Headed to Z Block for class. Once there, the alarm rang. Everyone evacuated the building and waited for the guards to let us in.

Finally at 7.08pm, we were allowed in. Our Security lecture started with a guest from Suncorp who works in the IT Security department. He demonstrated some SQL Injection and Ethical Hacking.

The other half was our usual lecture. It ended late today so I had to take the 9.45pm bus. By the time I got home, it was already 10.30pm.

Took my shower and started writing this post. Gotta wake up early tomorrow. Night...


  1. Its reheated leftovers. Do you cook or buy from outside?


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