Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Such A Good Day

Got up early today because I had to catch the 7.40am bus. As I walked up the hill, the bus drove by. Walked further up the hill and waited for the bus to come by. So I wasn't late anyway.

Went for the ISC practical session where the lecturer gave us our assignment question. Started some discussion which wasn't too helpful. All of us agreed to go home, take our time to digest the question, then meet up again another time.

Headed to the library and did some work. Then at 12.30pm I went to the city. Ate at Hungry Jacks and ordered their lunch set. It came with a burger, fries, frozen coke, and ice cream.

Hungry Jack's Frozen Coke Stunner Deal - AUD 5.95

Double Cheeseburger

It was a good deal even though they ran out of frozen coke and gave me strawberry instead. But one reason I don't fancy Hungry Jack's too much is because THE FRIES SUCKS!

Kept visiting Virgin Mobile and Westpac to settle some stuff. In the end, I gained nothing out of it.

Went back to uni for a "Working in Australia" session where they taught us how to search and apply for jobs.

After that was our SSD lecture. It wasn't that informative. He even used the same picture from one of my previous lectures in APIIT!

At 6pm, I went to the bus stop. For some reason, the bus was 15 minutes late. Got home at about 7pm and had my dinner. Wood Fungus and some Fatty Pork. :P

Cleaned up but this time GTM helped. Took my shower and sorted some stuff out. Later, I read my assignment question again. This time I wrote quite a bit of stuff.

Started blogging till now. It's 11pm already. Night...

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