Friday, March 18, 2011


Woke up at about 9am and did the laundry. Washed my comforter cover too. Later, I made jelly as requested by D. Tried to make a swirl in the jelly but I think I didn't wait long enough, which resulted in my failure.

When it was done, I tried to shake it out of the bowl onto a plate. But after lots of shaking, the only thing that came out was this pathetic chunk. So I just ate it. Left the rest of the jelly in the bowl.

Chunk of jelly

In the bowl...

Ate breakfast and did the usual stuff. Then, I did my revisions. Cooked noodles for lunch. Stop my revision at 3.50pm and got ready. Left the house and went to catch the bus.


Once we got to Toowong, the bus driver told everyone that if we plan to go to the city, we should take the train. Because looking at the traffic, he thinks it'll take an hour.

So about 10 passengers including me decided to get off and walk to the train station. Took the train to the city and spotted J and A.

We waited for the rest of the people before taking the train to Auchenflower. Went for the QUT3 Lifegroup and got to know more people. Usual dinner, good company and games.

At 9.45pm, I left. This time, I stood at the bus stop and waved at the bus the moment I see it from far away.

Got home at about 10.30pm. Took my shower and started using the laptop till now...

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