Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bus Experience

Woke up and did my revision. Had cereal for breakfast and some biscuits for lunch. At about 2.15pm, I watched Glee.

Got ready at about 3.45pm and went to wait for the bus. I missed the 4pm bus so I had to wait till 5pm. And because of the heavy traffic, I reached the city at 5.50pm. Thank goodness I wasn't the latest one.

We took the bus to Auchenflower and went to G's house. Met new people, ate food and had our usual LG session.

Went off at 9.45pm and sat at the bus stop. Next thing I know, the bus drove pass me! It didn't even slow down. But I guess it was my fault for not standing up. So from now on, I'll stand at the bus stop.

Quickly called Translink and the operator told me there will be another bus. Phew, so all I had to do was wait another hour. Thanks to my iPod, it didn't feel that painful.

After a while, I got bored. So I brought out my camera.

Called Optus helpline and the guy who talked to me was very very helpful. His name is Venod. He even called me back 20 minutes later to check if the problem was solved. You see, I was activating my Mobile Internet.

Got back home at 11.30pm. Took my shower and quickly wrote this post. I'll be going to Gold Coast tomorrow so gotta sleep NOW.


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