Thursday, March 24, 2011


I got up and ate some cereal. Dishes were already done. The internet was extremely slow which made it hard to get my lecture notes from Blackboard.

Anyway, did some revision till noon. AS asked if I wanted to go with her to Indooroopilly and I said yes.

AS introduced me to this dish called "Lemongrass Sliced Beef". The bowl was full with vege except the few slices of beef. It was really nice and had a sour taste to it. Think there were mint leaves too. Was expensive though. I'd rather pay for steak.

Lemongrass Sliced Beef - AUD 14.50

Later, we bought some groceries before going off. I bought more Mars Bars and Maltesers!! Went to the pharmacy for a while but didn't get anything there.

Ugly thing was on my laptop!

Back home, I did more reading till about 6.30pm. Then, it was dinner time. GTM had a friend from China over for the night. We had a BBQ dinner out at the deck.

Watched D played Dragon Age for a while before taking my shower. D was drawing some graffiti and insisted I post it here. So there you go.

"Awesomeness to the max" says D

Anyway, I'm going to end this now. Should probably go to bed early because D would be sleeping on the couch.

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