Sunday, March 27, 2011

Afternoon Service at UQ

Got up pretty early today. Had cereal for breakfast. Later, I turned on the laptop and read some tutorials.

At 11.30am, I got ready and went out to the city. Met up with my group mates to discuss our assignment. Discussed till about 2.30pm, I left.

Took the bus to UQ. Once there, I called J. Before I could ask him for directions, the call got cut off. Kept trying to call him but the call couldn't go through.

I walked around aimlessly for about 10 minutes. Then, he called me with another number. I was actually close to place I was suppose to be (Steele Building).

So he brought me inside. The service had started but I still joined anyway. Songs were nice and the sermon was interesting. The session ended at about 5.45pm.

We hung around and had some light refreshments. Then, we waited in the field for a few other QUT3 members.

All of us then took the bus to the city. From there, we took another bus to Fortitude Valley. Headed to "Old Town Kitchen" for dinner.

I scanned through the menu and decided to order "Ipoh Chicken Noodle Soup". It wasn't nice though. The soup was tasteless and the noodles were super wide. Never gonna order that again.

Ipoh Chicken Noodle (Hor Fun) Soup - AUD 9.30 (after discount)

This is at least 2x the original noodle width

But since J knew the owner, they gave us a cup of complimentary "bubur chacha" each. And also because we are CCM members, we were given 15% off our bill.

Bubur Chacha - Complimentary

Even though dinner wasn't that good, I enjoyed the company. Got to know more about my fellow QUT3 members. Some of them read this blog too. Thanks for reading ya! :)

After that, all of us went home. J and I decided to take the train. Once there, they told us that we would have to get down for maintenance at "Central" and take the Rail Bus.

At first we didn't get it. Then the workers told us to imagine that the bus is the train. So basically, it drives to every train station instead of bus stops.

J got down at Auchenflower while I got down at Indooroopilly. Walked over to Indooroopilly Bus Interchange and waited for the bus.

Boarded the 444 and it dropped me off at Kenmore Central. Walked all the way home and got back by 10.30pm. Besides the darkness, walking more than 1km home at night was quite easy.

That's all for tonight. Goodbye. :)

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