Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Woke up at 9am and did the usual. At about 10am, I watched Glee. Got ready for uni and left the house at 12pm. Got to the bus stop just in time to get on the bus.

Arrived at the city with an hour to spare before class starts. So, I went to Woolworths. This time I finally bought the Decor Microsafe container. Useful for me to pack lunch or dinner. Bought a packet of 12 mini Mars Bars for AUD2 (half price!).

Later, I walked to uni and attended the ISC tutorial. It was another interesting week as we held mock meetings. Once as clients and once as consultants. Very interesting. :)

Next, I headed to S block for the Web tutorial. Halfway through, J and A came in. The lecturer chased them out. A was looking for his pen but it was already gone when I checked.

Class ended at 6pm and I had some bread for dinner. Went to class at 7pm. As usual, the lecturer zoomed quickly and it ended at 7.50pm.

I could have caught the 8.10pm bus if it weren't for this talented guy. I was walking in Queen Street when I spotted him spraying and scraping on a piece of plastic paper. He was amazing. He starts with a paper, sprays paint and stuff, then scrapes of some, and sprays again.

He was wearing long pants which was covered in hardened paint. For some reason, he wore sock and used duct tape to tape his feet. And for as long as he was painting (do you even consider it painting?), he was sucking on a tube which was connected to a spray can. Not sure what it is though.

Caught the 8.45pm bus. Once home, I waited for my turn use the bathroom before taking my shower.

It's 11pm now. I'm gonna end this post here and try to get some work done. Bye...

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