Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Woke up at 6am. By the time I was done with everything, it was already 7am. Went to catch the bus. Got down to the city and went to uni.

Met up with my group for a while before going to our tutorial. Had our scrum meeting in front of the lecturer. Most of us scored 11/15 because he said the max he can give us for each column is 4/5. Urgh!

Later, we went to the library and had a 3-hour discussion. Finally at 12.45pm, we ended the meeting and went our own ways. I headed to the city for lunch.

I bumped into many people from CCM because they were having "Grand Evax". For the first time, I sat on the Free City Loop bus to the city. Lazy much.

Went to Red Rooster and ordered their Snack Burger Quick Fix. The first thing I ate was the fries. The burger wasn't that great but I was satisfied to have the FRIES. :)

Red Rooster Snack Burger Quick Fix - AUD 4.95

Walked back to uni and camped at the library. I was doing some work when suddenly, the alarm rang. They then asked everyone to evacuate the building. Thank goodness I wasn't rushing to complete my assignment or anything important.

By the time the exercise was over, it was already 3.30pm. I walked up to the 7th floor for the Selection Criteria workshop. Then I realized, it actually started at 3pm! :S Thank goodness the facilitator didn't mind.

It ended at 4.30pm and I read mX till it was 5pm. Went to B block for the SSD lecture. There wasn't many people who attended though.

By 6pm, the class was over. Walked back to the city and waited for the bus. The 6.05pm bus only arrived at 6.22pm. Got up and fell asleep.

Suddenly, a stranger woke me up and asked me if I am going down at Indooroopilly. I said no and he went off. Then I realized, I should have thanked him but he was already long gone.

Got home at 7.20pm and had Carbonara Spaghetti for dinner. It was served with prawns, mushrooms, and BACON! :D

Cleaned up and waited for my turn to use the bathroom. Once I came out, I started using the laptop to write this. Ate some peaches after that.

Gonna end this post now and start on my night's work. Good night everyone...

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