Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 2

Woke up at 7.30am to do the laundry. Cleaned up while waiting for it to be done. Then I hung my clothes out and went back to bed.

Got up again at 10am for breakfast. Read another article before getting ready for uni. Went out at 1pm and reached the city at 2pm.

Hurried to class and was glad that the lecturer didn't bother about me. Class went on till 3pm. I then read some stuff while waiting for the next class.

We had our Security tutorial for another hour. Then, I walked to the city and went to Virgin Mobiles. Called AC and talked to him for a short while. Later, I bumped into J and E too.

Had bread and muesli bars for dinner. Went back to uni for the last class. Met B and we sat together in the lecture theater.

Class was okay. More towards general knowledge actually. It ended at 8.45pm and we walked to the city. B continued walking home while I waited for my bus.

Got home at about 9.50pm. Took my shower, ate some peaches before blogging. Gotta go now. Bye...

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