Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Woke up early today and had my cereal. Got ready and left the place at 7am. An hour later, the bus reached the city. Walked to QUT and waited for my team mates to turn up. I came early for a meeting before class but in the end, we did not have the meeting. :@

Had the SSD tutorial till 10.30am. Then, I hung around the garden. Called AC and talked for half an hour. Later, I ate my sandwich. For some reason I was still hungry.

The Student Guild were selling sausages today. And it was AUD3 for the sausage and a drink. Bought a set to support them and my stomach.

Sausage + Drink - AUD3

Sat in the garden for some time before 2 people from CCM came to talk to me. They were doing "Campus Blessing" where they go around talking to people and giving them goodie bags. But once they saw me, I told them I'm from QUT3. They still chatted with me for about 20 minutes.

Later, met up with QUT3 members and we hung around for a while. Then, I went to S block and used my laptop.

Suddenly, everyone was exiting the building and there was a security guard stopping anyone from coming in. Packed my things and left too. Everyone then stared at the empty building wondering what happened.

But 15 minutes later, the guards allowed everyone to go back in. It was a drill I guess. Anyway I'm glad it happened. Because of this, I was able to find a nice spot to charge my laptop. Surfed the net and settled some stuff till 4.50pm.

Then, I went to my SSD class. There was a guest who shared her experience in teamwork as a Project Manager. Later, the lecturer went on till 5.40pm.

On the way out of uni, Redbull was giving out free cans of redbull. I went in line and got my ice-cold can of Redbull. It was the best redbull I ever drank. This was much better than my first Redbull (given to me by AC) and the Redbull Gelato.

Redbull and a pamphlet on the Benefits of Redbull

By the time I got home, it was already 7pm. Ate dinner and cleaned up. Watched some TV before taking my shower.

Once out, I installed some stuff for my assignment with the help of AC. Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. Night...

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