Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Realized it was 10.45am. I quickly got up and ate my breakfast. By the time I got ready and went out of the house, it was already 11.35am. Unfortunately, there wasn't any buses from 11.15am so I had to wait till 12.04pm.

Went to Q Block for a seminar on "Innovation". Then, I went to the garden and ate my sandwich. After that, I hurried to B Block for my ISC tutorial. As usual, it was discussion and presentation. Love Wednesdays.

Right after that, I went to the lab in S Block for my Web Tutorial. We learned some basic server settings. The tutor was quite nice too. Reminds me of a tutor in APIIT.

After the class ended, I went to the city and looked for food. Spotted the Japanese shop selling 8 rolls for AUD10. Top Sushi sells theirs at AUD2 per roll. So this was a steal.

8 Rolls for AUD10

But after I bought it, I realized I could only finish 8. What a waste. So I put it in my bag and went back to uni. To make things worst, I noticed that they were selling a roll for about AUD3. So it actually wasn't much of a discount...

Back at uni, I attended the final lecture of this week. The lecturer was kinda boring though. Partly because she was talking about HTML and it is something that should be tried not studied.

Walked to the bus stop but the bus already left 10 minutes ago. Stayed on hoping that the bus was late and it will arrived soon. But at 8.35pm, I finally decided to walk to QueenStreet Bus Station.

Sat in the bus and waited till 8.45pm. Then, the bus drove off. Got home at about 9.20pm and took my shower.

Used the laptop to try solving something. Unfortunately something is still not working. Anyway, I'm gonna end this post here. Night...

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