Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was rolling on the bed. Every time I woke up, I moved around, then fell back asleep. Finally I decided to get up. When I looked at the time, I was surprised that it was already 12.45pm!

Quickly got out of bed and washed up. Then, I had some noodles for lunch. Cleaned up and quickly turned on the computer.

Noodles for lunch

Did some reading till about 5.30pm. Chatted and surfed the net for a while. At about 6.30pm, we had dinner. T-bone steak, sausages, pumpkin, coleslaw and some garlic bread.


Later, I helped clean up and made bread. Watched some TV before taking my shower. Came online and dad was talking to me.

After that, I started to write yesterday's and today's post. It's 10.30pm now. Gonna settle some stuff before going to bed. Night...

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