Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Got up at 10am and had breakfast. Cleaned up and used the laptop for a while. Then, I got ready and left the house.

It was raining so I had my hoodie on. Since I had time, I went to Officeworks. Was hunting for staplers but they didn't have the small ones.

Later, I also spotted the C1-00 on sale for AUD50. Damn, I wasted 4 bucks! Before leaving, I bought myself a new Imation 4gb pendrive. Price was okay but the 8gb thumbdrives here are expensive!

Thumbdrive - AUD 6.95

Went to ISS and paid for the Noosa trip on the 9th of April. Next, I headed to the ISC class. This week was about meetings again. But for this week, we had more structure which made it more productive.

Right after that, I went to my Web Tutorial. It was really interesting to see what CSS could do. Completed the tutorial and went off.

Headed to the city because the cafeteria was closed. By the time I got there, the japanese shop was close and Coles did not have any promotion. So, I went to Hungry Jacks instead.

Snapper Deal (regular) - AUD 5.50

Ordered their Snapper Deal which came with the Whopper Jr, Fries, Chocolate Sundae, and a Coke. Was so full after that.

On the way back to uni, I heard a weird noise. I turned around and realized that one guy has just shouted at an Asian who was on the phone. What an idiot. The Asian just ignored the idiot. Scary...

Back at uni,I went for my Web lecture. This time, it ended at 8.10pm. Walked back to the bus station. Got on the bus at 8.45pm and was home by 9.30pm.

Took my shower and used the laptop till now...

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